Matthew Brady photograph where are you?
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Looking for a Matthew Brady photograph...

I'm looking for a civil war photograph of a dead soldier (possibly labeled as a sniper) taken by Matthew Brady (or his posse). There was a controversy because some things in the scene may have been posed - rifle put by his side or propped up. There might be a few of these, but I think there is one famous one in particular. I sort of remember the rifle being propped up on a wall or embankment (I could be totally wrong though).

I've found some online but none fit the rifle on wall or embankment scenario I am thinking of.

Extra points for higher resolution.
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Best answer: Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, taken by Alexander Gardner, who worked for Matthew Brady.
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Response by poster: Thanks!! +10,000 extra points to both of you. Do what you wish with them.
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With a bit more clicking on michaelkuznet's link, you can find links to high-res TIFs: version 1 / version 2. Makes sense, being the library of congress and all.
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