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I am looking for vitamin recommendations. Specifically, I want to take DHA. I am also interested in Vitamin D and multivitamin (iron is fine).

I am looking for myself (mid 30s F) and 3 year old son. Do not eat fish, far north. So DHA is probably good. Looking for something high quality. I am not super impressed with my son's pediatricians recommendation of Flinstones after seeing reseach showing negative impacts from low/average quality multiviatmins. Recommendations please!
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Carlson Labs Norwegian fish oils. Available in liquid or chew form, and they have a kids' line.
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Barlean’s Fish Oil is the best and it tastes good.
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Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA and EPA. It’s made from algae rather than fish oil. Fish get DHA from eating algae - it’s not something inherently in fish. I’m not convinced that fish oil is free of toxins, so I believe algae sources are safer and also better from an ecological perspective. There are cheaper sources of DHA derived from algae, but this is the one I take.
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I'm not sure I understand your question, but I normally get my vitamins from Now Foods because all their stuff is natural and vegetarian, i.e. you'll never find titanium dioxide in their supplements. Maybe one of these will work for you?
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Just jump on Labdoor's rankings, and hit the button "value". Check back once or twice a year to make sure the fish oil you're buying is still the best value.
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Nordic Naturals sells products that contain both DHA and Vitamin D for adults and children.
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I wouldn't worry about the quality of flintstones. The dietician who works with the bariatics program at my local medical center highly recommends them for bariatric patients before and after surgery.
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