Accordion Repair in New York City in 2017?
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The bass reeds on my beloved Hohner are suddenly way out of tune, and accordion repair seems to be a dying craft. Can anyone recommend a good accordion store in NYC?

This question was raised back in 2009 here, but the businesses the answers linked to have since gone out of business. (Depressing video for the interested.)

Any pointers appreciated. I've had a bad experience with inept instrument repair in the past, and you know how it is with an instrument you love.
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You could tweet at Dave Malloy, the composer of the musical The Great Comet. There were several accordions in the show.
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Have you checked Alex Musical Instruments? It's the same owner from the video, but it says they moved to W 54th st with the phone number (212) 819-0072:

"Hi, we are in 244-250 West 54th Street. Suite 608. New York, NY 10019. Between Broadway and 8th Ave. We waiting for you."
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If you can't find anything local, The Button Box in western MA is honest & reliable. In fact you could probably call them & ask them if they could recommend anybody local to you.
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Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia is but a two hour bus ride away.
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