I seek punk rock compression socks!
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This question is for all the punks out there with disabilities that want compression socks. I want awesome punk rock compression socks. Specifically, I really want black and white horizontal stripes, other two-color regular stripes in bold colors, solid black, leopard print, plaid... you know, socks that punks like. Do these exist? Where can I get them? Sock Dreams is as close as I've found and they're still a bit on the tame side.
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Not precisely what you're looking for, but your question made me think of John's Crazy Socks, a business started by a man with Down Syndrome and a love of "crazy socks", and lo and behold, he has a compression socks section on his website. Unsure if these are still too tame, however...
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Happy Socks also has a few "fun" compression sock options, if not exactly what you're looking for...

...This selection includes leopard print, but only in certain widths/compression levels.
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Do you have a particular price point? Amazon sells this brand but they're $16.99 a pair and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
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You should check out Vim & Vigr. Also rejuvahealth. They both have sales around holidays. Amazon may have some options depending on the firmness you need. Be aware of the branding that is often along the top edge which you can fold in. Otherwise I have sometimes worn opaque tights over thin socks and gotten used to being alternative on other ways including over the knee lace up combat boots that cover socks. I got a half size up in these.

All that said, my recommendation as someone who wears socks every day and loves fashion is to spend time and money finding things that work around a few inexpensive basic pairs (either shoes or boots or pants accessories or whatever) because since the socks wear out and are expensive the money is best spent on those accessories. I'm going to be buying more basic black ones like these and I do like my stripe pair from Vim & Vigr and my blue sorta mini houndstooth pair from Rejuvahealth for times that socks will show. Otherwise I use boots or pants and whatever comfy socks I want.
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This link has a round up of fashionable compression stockings...
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They are mostly geared towards runners, but ProCompression has offered horizontal stripe designs from time to time. I've gotten black and white and red and white from them in the past. Significant compression, although I'm not sure if they're "medical grade" or not.
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I get this catalog (the catalog for old folks) and they have a bunch of fun compression socks.
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Would compression calf sleeves work for you? Runners and cyclists like to have bright colors and patterns, so that might open up your search a bit.
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Pro Compression often has really good ones - and in looking at their landing page, they do have a pair of black and white striped socks.
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(Oh and I hasn't clicked on the link but the ones from John's Crazy Socks linked up thread are mostly from Vim & Vigr. The red tag is their branding.)
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Michelle Roger at Living with Bob shares your tastes. She writes reviews and comparisons of various models in all sorts of colors and prints from a wide variety of brands. She and radiant heels are currently enjoying tie-dyed, but if there are stripes to be worn, she's worn them.
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