3 days in Glacier national park
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I'll be spending this upcoming weekend (plus Monday) in Glacier national park. This is my first trip, and I don't know what to do given all the current closures. Help!

Posts like this leave me optimistic about still having a good time, despite the fires.

I am not the strongest hiker, but I am hoping to do some day hikes in the ~5 hour range. For the last day, I am thinking driving around to see more of the park with some short ~30/60 minute hikes along the way could be a good finish. Glaciers are what I am really excited to experience (of course), so Grinnell Glacier is on the list. What else?

#lastminutefilter bonus question: every hotel in the park seems to be closed or booked. Where would be a good place to look? I know the drive from the hotel to any trailheads will be at least an hour.

I'll be coming from the east (Wyoming) if that matters.
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Is there a chance you can postpone this to next year? There's only one road and almost all of it is closed due to fires. Why not go when you can actually see it? Inhaling smoke all day while you hike is going to be deeply unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst. Especially if you're not used to the altitude.

What about going to the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone* instead? Some services will be closed but there is lots of day hiking to be had. I'm a little concerned you don't know what you're getting into if you've done no preparation for a major trip so please learn how to safely hike in cold conditions.

*Check road conditions for snow.
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Glacier NP is not really the place to go to see glaciers, alas. Some of its magnificence was formed by glaciers, but the actual glaciers are mostly (long) gone.
Considering the fires and your desires, you might want to head to Jasper or Banff, where there are glaciers still, though they too are much diminished.
These days Mt Rainier in the lower 48 , the rockies in BC and alaska are the places to see actual glaciers of any meaningful size in north america
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Response by poster: Now is my best chance to visit, so i want to at least see a little of it. Given the closures, I'm thinking of staying near St Mary, and hiking around Grinnell or Two Medicine.

I'll have to add West Glacier, Mt Ranier, and the Rockies to my bucket list.
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