Educational podcasts?
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Educational podcasts?

Recommend podcasts I can learn from. Real learning, or pseudo-learning like nature shows, but best would be stuff similar to a college lecture series. Both audio and iPod video is ok. Free is preferable.
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Best answer: iTunes at Stanford

booyeah! All kinds of faculty lectures & other interesting stuff. It's all free.
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Response by poster: (Oh, and no 90-second or five minute filler stuff that public radio uses to pad station breaks.)
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Best answer: Here's a list of lectures that are podcasted.
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These are more like "nature shows" (talk shows actually) instead of lectures, but I like both Science Friday and CBC Quirks and Quarks for intelligent discussions about science.
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Berkeley Groks
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BBC's In Our Time - every week gets four professors to talk about a different topic in the history of ideas - wonderful.
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Talking History.
Philosophy Talk.
Milt Rosenberg's archives (real media, alas).

(Great question, Ortho!)
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The Nature Podcast

The Naked Scientist
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T.W.A.T. Radio is a good (albeit sometimes vulgar) technology podcast.
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To the best of my knowledge, non of the three shows posted by LarryC are actually podcasted. They are good shows, though.
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Ok, I was wrong. I would feel bad, but I'm too happy to be able to get philosophy talk and talking history as podcasts.
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Response by poster: So share the podcast url, Doug, so we can be happy too.
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Response by poster: Arrrgh!

Is there any way to tell iTunes to reest a podcast subscription to the initial podcast? ITunes only pulls the most recent podcast.

Manually altering the podcast XML file to comment out all but the initial podacst works, but to get all the podcasts, I'd have to uncomment them one-by-one -- uncomment more than one at a time, and iTunes only downloads the latest one.

Worse yet, iTunes won't read the xml file form a local file -- to do this, I had to upload it to my own web site.

Apple simplicity my ass.
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Best answer: Ooops--the Talking History podcasts and archives are here. Philosophy Talk here, via iTunes.
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Best answer: Ortho:

--Go to your "Podcasts" settings in preferences and choose "Keep: All Episodes" and "When new episodes are available: Download all."

--Delete all podcast files for the podcast in question, clear the subscription from your podcast playlist, and then resubscribe.
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Response by poster: Thanks Mo. Thanks.
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I loooove Dr. John Burrows' podcasts - he is a licensed psychiatrist and talks about medications, diagnoses, what his patients with different disorders are like (amusing), etc. Very interesting to me.
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The Diane Rehm Show on NPR has a weekly podcast of her Friday News Roundup that I enjoy. Also on that page is a link to the Metro Connection podcast which has a lot of interesting info on the history and current events happening around Washington, DC area.
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In the New York Times today was an article on podcasts in education. They mention the Educational Podcast Network, which looks great.
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Audio (& video from) MIT OpenCourseWare.
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See my list of university podcasts.
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