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I'm looking for non-scammy part-time work from home opportunities that allow for a flexible schedule. The catch? I would like it to involve only typing rather than also require video or audio. Other details inside.

I have no official customer service experience but I am skilled at engagement, problem-solving, customer relations generally. I would love something like transcription but the requirement to listen to audio would make it difficult to sustain.

I have done some freelance writing but would prefer something more structured where I am given a task and then I fulfill the requirements.

I would love leads for text-based health and wellness coaching as I have some experience in that. I am not a nurse, so many remote care coaching positions I find are not possible for me.

I think I would be a good virtual assistant but I need to work evenings so I'm not sure that would be a good fit.

Data entry may not pay much but I am open to it. Seems like there are many scams, however.

I looked into online English teaching but the ROI for live video (factoring in the need to set aside self-employment taxes) wasn't worth it under my current circumstances. If you are aware of online English teaching work that is more about helping students practice their written language, that would be a great option.

I do not know coding languages and those jobs are not a good fit. I do not know languages beyond English to the level required for translation. Please pm me if you have leads that would depend on my qualifications as I would rather not post those publicly.

Note that I did follow this thread and got some great ideas, but felt that my preference for work that only requires typing lends itself to a new Ask.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I don't have any specific recommendations for jobs, but one thing that occurred to me is looking at jobs targeted for people with similar limitations that qualify in their case as a disability. The Job Accommodation Network may be a good starting point for that. Best of luck.
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Did you look into upwork.com? Its a reputable site, you get to decide what jobs you want to do and bid for them based on what you think are reasonable prices.
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