Good place to take a phone call near Millennium Park
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I'm in Chicago, and I need to be in the Loop this afternoon. Right before seeing my friend in the Loop, I'm going to have an important phone call from home. Where's a good place near Millennium Park for me to take an hour long private call?
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The mezzanine level of the Mag Mile Marriott is generally whisper quiet during daytime hours and open to the public. There isn't a perfectly private place to take a call but there are tables you can sit at and no one will get mad at you for hanging out and talking quietly. (It's also a 10/10 place to stop and use the restroom when you're stuck downtown.) There are probably places closer to Millennium but I can vouch for the Marriott.

ALSO, important question, does this mean you'll be at the Goat???
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I had a similar idea to phunniemee's - 2nd floor of the Renaissance on Wacker and State (upstairs from the lobby. Might not actually be Floor 2). I've killed time there once or twice, and depending on how good you are at Playing It Cool, you might be able to grab a conference room. Nice bench/couch hybrids up there for sitting, regardless.

Nice bathrooms as well.
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You can book a study room at the Harold Washington Library online.
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Response by poster: The Goat is today?! Hell yeah I'll be there!
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The Chicago Cultural Center - you might have to do a little wandering (I suggest heading upstairs) but I have no doubt you can find a quiet nook.
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The Chicago Cultural Center ... was gonna add this. Great choice.
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