Simple magic for the doorstep
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On Halloween I will be taking my 7 year old out guising. This is a Scottish tradition which involves knocking doors and performing some sort of party piece, hoping the householder will give you sweets in return. She would like to do a magic trick, and I'm looking for a suitable one.

Her best viable tricks involve cards or need a table to work, e.g. Cups and Balls. I'm looking for a simple trick that just works in the hand, and wouldn't cause a major kerfuffle if dropped (see card tricks). Google is not my friend, because I don't necessarily know how the tricks work so I can't see if the use of a table is essential to producing the magic. Bear in mind she has to do it again at the next house, so extensive prep is out. Do you know of anything suitable?
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This rubber band trick is as transportable as it gets, takes a good bit but not a ton of practice to nail, and is excellent for a quick wow.
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A French drop is pretty easy to learn, so she could do a simple coin vanish.
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I think the finger trick (as performed here, by Jesus) would be perfect if she could manage to sell it.
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Around the same I age learned this one:

Announce you're going to rub a coin (held in the dominant hand) into your non-dominant arm. Pretend to rub it into your non-dominant arm. "Accidentally" drop it. Pick it up with non-dominant hand, put it into dominant hand. Start to rub it into the non-dominant arm, "accidentally" drop it again. Pick it up with with non-dominant hand, pretend to put it into dominant hand again but instead keep it. Rub the now empty dominant hand on the arm, then reveal the empty hand, having successfully rubbed it into the arm.
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The crayon trick in this video (3:35) would be perfect. Really cute and could be perfected without much practice!
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There's also the cut off fingers with string and cut through neck tricks (non-gory! safe to watch!) that are portable and easy to learn. That version of the neck trick requires prep between each presentation; here's another variation that involves specialised knots instead of the extra bit of string.

The cut and restore rope trick is also possible.
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Thanks for this rich seam of ideas - I love that the Halloween theme has come through with the rope tricks, and that even my reference to dropping stuff has come good in a trick of its very own.
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My pet magician says buy a Stiff Rope (£6, Amazon). Presentation could be even the rope is scared tonight! It only takes 10 seconds to perform and she could do at the next house straight away.
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