What are your favourite dance videos to watch?
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I love watching dance videos on youtube. Please recommend your favourites to me!

I'm looking for fun dance videos to watch! Here's an example of one I love. I love all kinds of dance (I used to be a competitive ice dancer!), so I'm open to types and genres, and number of dancers. The only thing I don't really want to see is videos from America's Got Talent-type shows, where there are hokey cut-aways to the judges etc.
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This one, showing a bunch of Congolais kids dancing to Coupé-Décalé, is my personal all-time fave. I grin ear-to-ear every time.
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It's pretty short (around a minute), but here's a Twitter video of Beyonce's lead dancer dancing to an instrumental of Formation.
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Christopher Walken Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim
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i can't even begin to list all my favourite individual videos so instead here are my fave channels:

tricia miranda

kk harris

yanis marshall

urban dance camp

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I'm going to add on to poffin boffin's comment and suggest the world of dance competition videos for KK Harris. A lot of the videos on her feed are of classes she teaches, and then she does a solo dance at the end (still good and totally worth watching!), but the WOD videos are just her, and she tends to really bring it for those. But definitely seconding KK Harris in general because she is freaking amazing.
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"Moses Supposes" featuring Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly is pure mastery and pure joy.
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Georgian Dance
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Those Soul Train line dances.
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Response by poster: These are all so great, thank you (and keep them coming)! It is such a joy to watch talented dancers dance. I've been mostly just reading all the terrible news, so it is a nice break to watch humans being awesome!
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Korean pop dance practice videos!

A bunch of the artists post their "practice" vids for the choreography, and they're just as fun as the "main videos" but fully focused on the routines.

A few to get you started:
GD and TOP - Zutter
Rain - LA Song
and an all time favorite, EXO's Growl routine although the music video itself is also pretty excellent
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David Elsewhere
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I am kind of really into watching breakers and did a post on it recently, lots of videos there. If you like those and want more feel free to ping me there is A LOT more where that came from.

VIBE dance competition is always a good time, here's one of my favorites (but pretty much anything on the channel's fair game).

I just stumbled upon this amazing freestyle a couple of days ago and have basically just been watching it on repeat. Watch for the spectators' reactions at 1:46, it's hilarious.

Also, Aya Bambi- vogueing Japanese couple. Sooo many good videos, here's a great one.

Oh also! Daniel Cloud Campos' channel- it's half short film, half dancing, hard to explain, but good. Start with "Welcome Home."
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Tricia Miranda's 'Trini Dem Girls' (I note the whole channel is linked above)
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This is a little outside what you were looking for, but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless.
Hexapod Dance Competition - 2008 Best Of
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I don't have any particular interest in tap but I find this joyous. Eleanor Powell in Broadway Melody of 1936.
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also the thing you posted as your example is from a japanese dance contest program called "dance @live" which has its own youtube channel as well, but you will see a lot more of the program's videos by just yt searching "dance @live"
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And I just remembered- for something a bit different from most of the above, my roommate has been super into this video lately.
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Pretty much my all time favorite dance sequence from All That Jazz.

Or you could always just google Savion Glover.
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Kiesza - Hideaway. One long take. So much fun!
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Prepix - this is the YouTube channel of a Korean dance collective, they've choreographed as well as appeared in K-pop videos.

And just because I have a weakness for K-pop dances being performed wearing traditional Korean hanbok,

MXM "I'm the One" dance practice

Ravi (from VIXX) "Bomb" (the performance was right before Lunar New Year, hence his delivering New Year's greetings at the end)

VIXX "Shangri-La" dance practice (and what it looked like with stage outfits)
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Great Ask!

- The Avalanches, Since I Left You. My all-time favorite music/dance video.

- Artie, from Glee, Safety Dance. This is a fantasy sequence, since the character Artie (in the red vest here) is in a wheelchair, in the show.

- From Sam Rockwell's audition for the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I love videos of actors dancing, when I did not know they could dance!

- Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk. And of course, Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk video.

- Here are two great (imho) videos from So You Think You Can Dance, which is a dance competition, but these two songs do not have any mid-performance cut-aways to the judges:

- Boogie Shoes, with Billy & Lauren (I love, love, love Billy) and

- No Air, with Joshua and Katee (the story here is that the guy has just gotten a draft notice, and his girlfriend is finding out that he is going off to war).
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I don't know a lot about dance, but this supercut of Christipher Walken dancing in all his movies is one of my favorite things in the world.

Seconding Sam Rockwell! Here is a similar supercut.
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TAPBOX : krnfx + melinda sullivan (Melinda Sullivan has other great tap videos too!)

This is one of my favorite SYTYCD performances: Jenna and Mark there are lots of other good ones, but most of my saved links have been removed for copyright issues :/

Keone and Mari are so great. Here's a not great quality video that includes their choreography to Dangerous, which brings me so much joy (starts around 2:25): Keone & Mariel Madrid - Dangerous by Michael Jackson @ Rio H2K Showcase 2012. They have other great videos on their channel.
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Silent Place, new music by Jiggy
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Oops, sorry, I missed the edit box and did not notice until too late that my link for Boogie Shoes was wrong. Here's the right one.

(I do love the video of Cardboard Angel that I linked to by mistake. No dancing there, though. But it's from a college talent show, so you can't see it anywhere else!)
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Knave of Hearts pas de deux from Alice's Adventures. There's a sliding-on-pointe bit at about 0:45 and 0:55 that just blows me away.

1914: a set of Black americans doing probably-ragtime partner dancing that's also a quadrille or square.

One of the most lighthearted tango recordings I know of.
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Mark from SYTCYD is amazing. Here is one from the year he competed, before he was an all-star: Bleeding Heart, with Chelsie.
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A foxtrot epidemic suddenly breaks out during the wedding. (Lubitsch.)
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This spike jones kendo commercial qualified for me.

This tango — improvised and incredibly connected to the music.
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And the green shirt dance which is more about the feeling of dance rather than the skill. I made it so would love to know how you resonate.
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Any Keone & Mari, as mentioned above. Qualifiers performance at World of Dance 2017.

Light Balance audition, America's Got Talent

"Cups" tap dance

Ramalama Bang Bang on sytycd
Koine and Marko's African Jazz
Boogie Shoes (mentioned) was also great!

Chloe Arnold and Syncopated Ladies

takeSomeCrime, example 1 example 2
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Freedom -- an aMAzing step dance video. I could watch this over and over and over again.
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May I introduce you to the 1Million Dance Studio? My recent favs:
Super Bass
Never Be Like You (great camera work)
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Okay, I know, I know but... Pasha and Anya's audition for SYTYCD is a classic.
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I'm partial to Bollywood (and Tamil films)...

Jaan Pehchan Ho, which appeared also in the movie Ghost World and was redone for a Heineken commercial

Kamal Haasan in a funky outfit with gold boots
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Fik-shun and Amy (SYTYCD finale - no cheesy cutaways to judges)

Sadie and Mark from DWTS do a Super Mario brothers inspired freestyle

Since you were an ice dancer, maybe you've already seen Meryl Davis's performances from DWTS, but if not, here are some of my favorites:

Meryl and Maks - swing (This is only the second week of competition, so there were a couple of rougher spots, but it's a super fun dance)
Meryl and Maks -Street Car Named Desire-inspired Rumba
Meryl and Maks - An absolutely gorgeous freestyle

A couple more from DWTS:
Paige and Mark - a fun rendition of Austin Powers
Paige and Mark - Jive (worth watching just for the sequential flip move they do at 1:32)
Paige and Mark - a steamy tango
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I can't find the version I ued to send people to, but here's Adriano Celentano's Prisencolinensinainciusol with an annoying overlay.

Oh, here's a better version.
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Turf Fienz
The old-guys scene in the movie Tap
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Quest Crew doing Sing Sing Sing Sing Sing Sing
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Dancehall fusion
Tribal fusion belly dance
Dance instruction videos, also.
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Sylvie Guillem’s solo from William Forsythe’s In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
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Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
Feist - 1, 2, 3, 4
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A few of my favorites from DWTS: (No hokey judge cutaways!)
Alfonso and Witney's freestyle
Calvin and Lindsay's freestyle
1960s Swing Group Dance
Nastia and Sasha's Charleston

Also, how has Fred Astaire not been mentioned yet?
Dancing with a hat rack
Dancing on the ceiling
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Father Ted's dancing priest was based on a real priest.
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Oh, I almost forgot one more from DWTS: This Macy's Stars of Dance tribute to classic Hollywood, choreographed by Derek Hough.
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Chris Koo's Crazy In Love dance cover.
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Both my knees exploded in sympathy, so thanks for that.
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Ah, one more! Michael Jeter in Grand Hotel. His joints are so loose you have to wonder if he had any connective tissue at all.
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Here's the famous clip of the Nicholas Brothers with Cab Calloway.
Also, the Nicholas Brothers with Gene Kelly.
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The Syncopated Ladies have already been mentioned. I love their dance to When Doves Cry. Classic tapdance cane action.

The Nicholas Brothers.

Gene Kelly on roller skates in It's Always Fair Weather. Not a great dance sequence, but fun and playful.
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The dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

The evolution of hip-hop dancing (Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith)

John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever: You Should Be Dancing

Michael Jackson -Smooth Criminal live in Munich 1997

In honor of my late friend Craig Johnson, who was a skate dancer in Venice, I started looking for videos on YouTube. I couldn't find anything that was halfway decent, and most are just a few moments of shaky touristy videos, but I found this and this. If you want something more polished, these skaters in Barcelona are great.
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Shake a Tail Feather from The Blues Brothers.
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Awesome thread!! One of my favorite things ever to watch every year is the Montreal Swing Riot -- a dance-off between lindy hop and hip hop dancers! Here's a link to a video from this year, but be sure to look up past years and other videos, there are usually several events that are filmed. At work or I would send more links!
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Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in Hellzapoppin'... a group of people unencumbered by gravity.

This particular dance scene from La La La Human Steps and their film "Velasquez's Little Museum". Music by Einstürzende Neubauten. Note that there is nudity in the video, but it's before the time I linked to.
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A little unorthodox, but I've watched these guys for years to cheer up.
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Chibi popping and locking to Windowlicker is amazing as all get-out.

Check out Strawhatz by Quick Crew.

Also Robotboys.
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Poonam and Priyanka combining traditional Indian dance with hip hop
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After The Rain by New York City Ballet.
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Search: fancy dance montana
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Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation has the kind of formation dancing I found thrilling in the 80s, and still wish we saw more of today. (c.f. Thriller)

(speaking of Thriller, you can learn how to do it, if you want to)
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Osaka high school dance team (starts at 2:33) - ridiculously joyous 80s homage!
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Two favorites that incorporate sign language beautifully into dance:

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" - Meg Mac / Em & Andy

"Can't Stop The Feeling" - Justin Timberlake / Emma Watkins

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Almost anything by Ricky Ubeda, but especially Skin and Bones. Here's a version without annoying judge cut-aways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNbwtOP0_As
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Rosas danst Rosas
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From Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey, the incomparable flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena in a fiery, sensual dance.
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Traditional dance meets pop, in this weird and wonderful promo from the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili.
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I don't think I'll ever get tired of Buckets and Tap Shoes tapping the melody of Rondo alla Turca.

This number from Bunheads is charming.

Do you know Where the Hell is Matt? Girl Walk/All Day?

Competitive color guard? It's real weird but hear me out. Here's Aimachi 1999, a classic of the genre if you're my age.
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I also came here to recommend In The Middle, Slightly Elevated, though this is the final pas de deux, not the solo. The first version I saw was danced by Svetlana Zakharova and some dude, j/k Andre Merkuriev and she looks like she's made out of graphene, it's incredible. Sylvie Guillem's version is also incredible (she originated the role) and you should really watch them both; their styles are quite different (I think Zakharova is more gymnastic but Guillem is more hypnotic and precise) so it's interesting to compare them, and they're both electrifying performances. Ok end of nerd rant.
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Gym Swing/Mambo Dance Off from West Side Story

+1 to the opening number of All That Jazz, which is a fictionalized biography of Bob Fosse, and I'd also want to add this really sweet number with Fosse's partner, Ann Reiking.
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