Revival of "Assassins."
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Broadway shows periodically experience revivals and new national and international tours. I'm wondering if there has been a revival of Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins" since winning a number of Tony awards in 2004. In the wave of mass killings after Columbine, has the show been staged in recent years, and what has been public reaction?
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I coulda sworn I first heard about this somewhere on Mefi, but I can't seem to find it - there was a brief revival as part of NY City Center's Encores! this summer. Here's the NYT review.
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There's a production in DC starting next week, and it ran earlier this summer in NYC (on preview: hi, btfreek! I won't post the NYT review again).

It's coming to Minneapolis next year, brought to us by a theater company whose current production of Man of La Mancha takes place in an ICE detention center, so I am excited and optimistic.

Duluth, 2016
London, 2015

Seems to be generally well reviewed and not reviled as something inappropriate to stage.
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Our friend was in a production of it last year in Allentown, PA and it was well received.
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We performed it at my high school in 2006. (I played Oswald.) Since then I've seen productions of it in the SF Bay Area and in Chicago in 2014-ish.
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It's performed quite frequently in regional professional companies, and even ambitious community theatre groups. It can be hard to cast though; to find enough extremely talented men to play those challenging roles can be quite difficult. But when well-done... it can be devastating. I can see that now it would be be even more so. Rather than be shelved in times like these, I can actually see it increasing in popularity.
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Funnily enough, the 2004 revival was forced to close earlier than anticipated because of the impending Republican National Convention in NYC that year.
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I saw it in New Jersey a couple of years ago. I would say it isn't done a lot but it's done fairly often. I drove farther than I normally would to see a play because I've been wanting to see it.
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I saw a small production in Boston a couple years ago, much more fun than I expected, certainly worth watching for a local production. It did not seem to be a "big" show more a psychological study, well suited to a chamber sized environment.
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In the last few years, I’ve seen it a couple times. Most recently, maybe two years ago? Small, local productions. But it’s still chugging.
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I've seen 3 productions in San Francisco in the last 5 or 6 years. Man I love that play.
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I saw it last year in Seattle.
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And some reviews of the Seattle production.
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The Yale Rep theater played it last season, Spring 2017, which was an interesting time. It had obviously been planned in advance of the election. Generally good reviews, although I agree with those that point out the stronger actors.
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2015 in Baltimore. Fantastic staging by local troupe.
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The City Centers Encores production this past summer was well-received. It was going on shortly after the Julius Caesar controversy and I wondered if some of that anger would bleed over, but I didn't see any. That production was only 3-4 days, though.
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