Psychotherapeutic license needed to be a Jungian Analyst?
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Hi MeFi hivemind, I’ve asked my local Jung society, but haven’t heard back, and can’t find a definitive answer on the web. Does anyone know if one has to be a licensed psychotherapist/psychologist in order to become a Jungian Analyst (training done at a separate school after licensure)? or can one become a Jungian Analyst as a scholar? TIA!
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Id call the Jung institute in San Francisco. They can tell you for sure. My belief is that it is certainly prefered that a training analyst have prior experience as a therapist.
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In my state (Oregon) you would not need liscensure of any kind to hang your shingle as a Jungian Analyst so long as you don't claim a credential you do not have or try to do things that require liscensure. You could not, for example, diagnose people with DSM mental health disorders or say you can treat those disorders.

Poke around your state's health and human services (or similar) website. It might tell you more specifics about what you can/can't call yourself and what you can/can't do in practice.
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Licensing is different depending on your state. It also depends on what you want to do with your training. You need no license to be a scholar. To be an analyst usually just means you graduated an analytic institute. A license is for possible legal requirements to treat patients in your state. Different institutes will have different requirements for enrollment. Some require advanced degrees. I never heard of any requiring a license except that, if you need to treat patients during your training, and you are unlicensed, there are supervision rules to be followed (again differing by state.)
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The LA Jungian Institute will only admit licensed analysts. Worth a call to double check, though. When I reached out to them they were happy to walk me through the process. As to the legality of hanging a shingle without bonafides, I know a couple of therapists in NY that have done this (and with great success) but they are very careful in how they present themselves. It is my understanding that what they are doing isn't strictly legal but that the enforcement situation varies from state to state.
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