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Is there a word for a overwhelming feeling that something you are currently experiencing in your waking life is something you dreamed out previously. Sort of like Deja-Vu, but not because I don't feel like I've DONE it before, but rather I DREAMED it. Is this a common situation for people? (And no, I don't think I'm clairvoyant.)

- 35, female
- I have always been an intense dreamer. I have been this way since I was a child and never outgrew it. If anything it is more intense now.
- My dreams are intensely vivid and complex. Very often they seem to span days/weeks/months, and I can recall enormous amounts of details of the dream period (conversations, decor, what people "wore", etc)
- I experience them in incredible sensory detail, including ridiculous details like the feeling of fabrics when I hug people, the smells of rooms, etc.
- I can recall a lot of my dreams for a very long time. There are many dreams that I had many years ago that I can recall like a normal memory, with a ridiculous amount of detail, and in lots of cases can "relive" in similar ways you can "relive" normal real memories. .
- Some of my dreams are fanciful, impossible, crazy normal dream things, but a lot of them are of incredibly mundane, every-day sort of situations. Luckily, I don't seem to have any trouble separating "dream" memories from actual ones, even though the locations, situations, and people involved overlap.
- I sleep talk regularly, sleep walk as well (though less frequently).
- I have tried keeping a sleep journal, but I wasn't able to keep up with it because of the depth of my dreams. Each dream has so much detail and so many story elements that it took a crazy long time to write down ONE, let alone the three or four like that I may have had over the night's sleep.

So knowing all that, we come back to my question. I fairly regularly I will experience something in my normal (awake) life that I will "know" with absolute "certainty" I had dreamed out previously. I suspect this is tied to the fact I dream with just extreme intensity and vividness. Overall this isn't an unpleasant feeling, but it is very strange.

Is there a word for this other than deja-vu? I have deja-vu sometimes as well (albeit very rarely), but my "I dreamed this" sensation is different from a normal deja-vu sensation.

Also, is this a sensation others have, or am I just super weird in this regard?
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This happens to me all the time. Once I was in class feeling sad because my grandma had died recently. Then I remembered it was just in a dream she had died, and called her right after class.

I also get dreams where I feel like I've dreamed a (not real) setting or situation before, while I'm in the dream, and remember that feeling when I wake up.
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My understanding was that this sensation also falls into the category of deja vu.
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I do this, too. It's called déjà rêvé.
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I’ve heard it called déjà rêvé, too.
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Yes, I've had this, and once, years after I dreamed about a place, I saw it in a movie. It was very odd.
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I have this too, and similarly have very intense dreams that vary from basically watching a film (I'm not in it, I don't know any of the people, they act out a dramatic narrative, complete with action sequences and location cuts) to the desperately mundane (I spent the day working at my computer).
The feeling of deja reve tends to be more emotion linked - the situation will be identical but how I feel about it in the moment differs to the dream. Yeah, it's odd but not unpleasant.
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I don't normally remember mine in such vivid detail but there was one dream that I had such strong deva vu with, that when the scene repeated itself in real life, same place, person, time, when they opened their mouth I already knew what they were going to say and said it along with them. It wasn't just a feeling of having happened before, I could quote whole sentences that were yet to come. It was very creepy.
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I experience this too. More mundanely, I also often have a mental image of a place, and an attached and very specific feeling that goes with it. I know I've never laid physical eyes on this place, but the image is minutely detailed and the feeling, as noted, is very specific. It's like a major/minor change in my psyche. How does that happen? How can my brain do that, at that level of detail? I.e., it's as distinct as a memory but I'm sure I'm not remembering it.
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