How to crop videos similar to how images can be cropped?
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Is there a free or cheap program that can crop videos similar to how images can be cropped? For a Windows PC.

I'm competent with doing very basic image editing, things like cropping, resizing, cloning etc. But I have much less experience with video editing and am not sure where to begin with cropping a video (if that's even the right term). Searching around there's many apps/programs/sites that claim to do something like this but most of them look scammy or expensive. Is there something that's legit and free, or a least cheap?

To be specific, I'd want something that can remove say the right half of a video, or the upper two thirds, or whatever is needed. Ideally without needing to reprocess the entire file.
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VirtualDub is free and will do want you want.
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Best answer: Do you have Photoshop? It will crop videos, and let you control brightness/contrast/color/etc. If you don't have Photoshop, it's $10/month.

Handbrake is free and will crop videos and I find the interface to be easier than VirtualDub.

To crop a video you have to reprocess the whole video; there's no way around it.
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A number of professional level video editors have slightly older versions free. They are big complex programs but there are tutorials available generally. Sometimes these are a better option to the free/open source programs, but they will use a lot of system resources, and midshare. The idiosyncratic 3D program Blender also has good video functionality.
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