Who makes a high quality shoulder/mid-back length purple ponytail wig?
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Who makes the nicer quality purple ponytail wigs? (I know the purple and ponytail +up the difficulty) I don't mind paying a little more for a nicer wig that I can reuse and will look better. Bonus points if you have non-painful recommendations for how to make it stay put on my head with a high pony.

I have short blonde hair just long enough for a ponytail and am moderately skilled in the arts of the bobby pin, but I know ponytail wigs can be difficult to get to stay put (and painful if you get them to stay put). Also, if you have advice on how to store the wig once used, please let me know! Thanks.
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Best answer: Surprisingly, none of my go-to cosplay wig shops have this precise thing, but I did find this ponytail extension on the Arda site, available in three purple shades. You'd need an additional base wig to complete the look, so it's not a perfect solution. Can vouch for the quality and customer service of Arda, though, if you're interested in rigging up what you need with two pieces.
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Are you looking for a wig with a ponytail, or just the ponytail part? I believe that just the ponytail part is called a "fall," if that helps.
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I see plenty of wigs like this on ebay...however I'd you want higher quality you may need to have a custom cosplay wig made. They will use better hair, it will be fuller and sleeker and last much longer than a cheap premade wig. Search for 'cus to cosplay wig' on Google and etsy.
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