1993 KC Royals autograph?
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A friend rescued a box of childhood memorabilia from a his parents' house, including this signed stub from the June 8, 1993 Kansas City Royals game. The autograph is illegible, and we'd love to figure out who signed it. It looks like they lost to the Yankees that night, 4-9. The '93 roster was pretty easy to find, but there's no obvious match (unless I'm reading the first letters wrong). Jeff Granger? John Habayan? Thanks, AskMeFi! http://i63.tinypic.com/20qxufo.jpg
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Felix Jose?
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FYI you can search [player name] + autograph and you'll find examples of their signatures, if that helps. Here are a couple; neither jumped out at me: Felix Jose, Jeff Granger
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It is Andy Stankiewicz from the Yankees upside down.
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I am +1 for Yorrick's answer.
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Jeff Granger and John Habyan weren't on the Royals' roster on June 8, so far as I can tell. (Though Habyan was on the Yankees' roster.) Stankiewicz was actually making his first MLB appearance of the season that day, so that one checks out.
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Stankiewicz upside-down it is! Which makes perfect sense since my friend would've probably handed him the ticket right side up for himself. Thanks!
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