Internet Problems for $800
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I hate to use my weekly question this way, but desperate times. We had a region-wide internet outage today and even though it is back up, we are still having connectivity problems.

About half of our normal websites are timing out on the Wi-Fi connection but come up fine on mobile data. The internet has also been cutting out on other devices including the TV. I have rebooted my computer, the router, and the modem numerous times and it hasn't fixed the problem. Is the router the source of the problem and if so, how do I fix it?!
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If you have Comcast you can call the 1800 number and go through the menu options for slow service. It takes at least a minute and a half but eventually you'll prompt the auto whatsit to send a refresh signal to your modem. It's basically turning it off and turning it back on again, but from their end.

That nearly always helps get my internet back on track when it's struggling.
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Try using Google's DNS instead of your ISP's.
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If you have a Windows PC, disable and re-enable your internet connection.
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What makes you think it is all fixed on your ISP's end? Is it happening to the same sites on different devices or different sites on different devices? Have you spoken to a neighbor or someone else whose internet went down to see if they are having any problems?

I would follow all the suggestions above, but my bet is it is on the ISP's end.

(Btw, I think you now get two questions a week. Anyway this is as legit a question as can be asked.)
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If you're able to configure your router to use Google for DNS, life will be, at worst, not worse than it is now.
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I hate to use my weekly question this way

We get two questions now!
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