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I'm looking for Halloween-themed video games. Not just horror games, mind you – but Halloween games, which either specifically involve the holiday, or simply make heavy use of classic Halloween tropes. Hope me?

I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for classic Halloween imagery: sheet ghosts, haunted houses on hills (full of cobwebs and candlesticks), jack-o-lanterns, foggy graveyards in the moonlight (bonus points for skeletal trees silhouetted against the clouds and Celtic crosses on top of the headstones), mad scientists' lairs, bats, etc. What are some decent games in this vein (MacOS, Windows, or browser) that I can play?

I've already played: Costume Quest 1 and 2; pretty much everything tagged with "halloween" on Kongregate; Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.
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Zombies (Ate My Neighbours) is inspired by classic horror movies, which in turn inspired Halloween.
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Can you borrow a PlayStation of some sort or an Xperia Play? MediEvil is the most Halloweeny game I’ve ever played.
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Costume Quest! It's super cute.
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Grim Fandango.
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Werewolf Tycoon is pretty fun and available on Android or IOS.
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The Giana Sisters games might be worth a try. They're platformers where you switch between two overlaid worlds, each inhabited by one of the sisters. One world is bright and full of life, and the other is dark, broken-down and is very halloween-y, with imps and castles and skulls and such-like.
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Terraria. During two weeks in October all the mobs wear costumes and drop treat bags and there's a whole Halloween event where you kill Pumpkings and spooky trees.
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The Animal Crossing games on Nintendo consoles have themed holidays. But it uses the internal clock/calendar so it will only be Halloween in the game on actual Halloween (unless you change the date/time in the system settings).

Luigi's Mansion - both the Gamecube and 3DS versions - evoke a Halloween feel to me. They are about spooky mansions, ghosts, and cobwebs.
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Haunt the House: Terrortown is a Halloween-y game!
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Just recalled: The excellent VGJunk spends every October doing write-ups of Halloween themed games.
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