I need some short, funny or fun but *uncomplicated* videos to watch
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I'm having a hard time concentrating, so I'm following doctor Google's advice and trying to relax my noggin. I'd like to have some short, funny, and fun videos to turn to this weekend. What are your favorites?

Things like blooper reels from Prks and Rec or individual SNL skits would work, as would this Christopher Walkin Movie Dance Mashup. Otoh, things like my beloved Tig Notaro Taylor Dane Story would be too taxing even though I know it by heart. Animation is fine, short audio clips are fine, but probably no reading. I don't care if it's from real life or fictional. And no straight animal videos, I can trawl Johhny Wallflowers posts for that!
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Just watch Curb Your Enthusiasm outtakes, or Graham Norton season highlights, both on Youtube.
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Dave Grohl impersonates Christopher Walken.
r/GamePhysics (/top).
Space Janitors has a narrative, but it's short and uncomplicated.
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I don't know if this is a too-much-input option, but my husband and I watch certain videos as part of our evening after work wind-down, and we call the Facts. people "our Irish friends", as in "what are our Irish friends eating and/or drinking today?" Almost all the videos are "Irish People Try X" and they are joyfully fun even when they really really hate something. I think the most glorious one they've done recently is American Pancakes, and Girl Scout Cookies is really good too.
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Oh I saw this the other day, speaking of funny videos and Irish People. (The guy trying to go up the hill. There is also the bat in the kitchen one...with Derry).
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Speaking of outtakes, please enjoy these priceless ones from Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas.
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Old "Kids in the Hall" clips
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On Youtube, Binging With Babish.

Also search "Bianca Del Rio."

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The Try Guys are fun to watch! Scroll down a bit on that link--their older videos are both a bit shorter (5-10 instead of 10-15 minutes).
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Response by poster: I'm not going to threadsit, but since my examoles were a little narrow I wanted to point out that Wobbuffet's suggestion of 'r/GamePhysics (/top)' is definitely on point. Absurd and weird is good as long as it doesn't actually require thought!
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Wallace and Gromit

And my favorite -- Creature Comforts.

There are lots of them
The Original

Bedtime Part I

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I was going to say that all the Buzzfeed/Facts “X nationality try Y nationality foods” videos are a delightful rabbit hole to go down. And on a related tangent, the Buzzfeed Try Guys are also really entertaining.
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The DingoWife and I laugh and laugh every time we watch the LOTR potato argument remix.
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Google "Scottish elevator."
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Sarah and Duck (on Netflix)
It's for little kids so no concentration required. Oddly soothing.
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You might know this one, but just in case you haven't seen it: Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice.

More dancing by an actor: Sam Rockwell, in his screen test for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
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The candy making videos from Lofty Pursuits are fun, hypnotizing and satisfying, and you learn some great candy making history. The guy's narration is fab too!

Cinema Sins and Music Video Sins are fun, though some reading to really catch everything, but it's funny (sort of riffing the movie like Mystery Science Theater 300.) Though keep in mind it may highlight all the movie cliches ever!

On that note, Rifftrax Shorts! Some are available streaming. You can also find Mystery Science Theater shorts on YouTube and such. Sweet, short, funny. A Case of Spring Fever is a fave.

Full Mystery Science Theater and RiffTrax are also good for background fun and relaxation, though not short overall.
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Okay, this one has animals, but it's not a straight animal video:

Ozzy Man Reviews Raccoons
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YouTube has a bunch of routines from Penn and Teller's Fool Us. Some are funny, others mesmerizing.
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My Drunk Kitchen!
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David Mitchell's Best QI Rants
Repeated Anecdotes, Richard Ayoade

Ukrainian dance troupe Light Balance audition.

Ze Frank True Facts videos.

Tony Award Opening 2013
, Neil Patrick Harris

Fluff, Episode One: Pumpkin spice lattes
Recent FPP, imo must be watched more than once to appreciate the nuance of the talking guinea pigs.
More talking guinea pigs here and here.
Yes it's animals but these get me every time.
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These two are hilarious: Chonga Girls ASMR Fortune Teller Reading
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News Be Funny on YouTube has consistently hilarious news bloopers.
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