How can I get rid of a popup on my website?
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How can I get rid of a popup on my website?

Every once in a while my site (the URL is in my stats) shows a popup that I have no clue where it came from.
I've never had anything to do with ads on my site and the source shows nothing... I'm stumped.
Where is this coming from?
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The first thing I would do is contact your hosting provider and ask them about it. If it's something they did deliberately, get a new host. Otherwise, they should be able to help you fix it.

I was going to say that maybe it was client-side spyware but I got a popup warning too.
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Best answer: I noticed you have a counter at the bottom. Nedstat was bought by another company a few months ago (I think it's webstats4u or something equally horrible) and suddenly all sorts of pop-ups started appearing. I removed my counter and everything was back to normal. Google nedstat/webstats4u for more details.
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I got this popup after refreshing a few times, and when I tried to close it I got a prompt asking me if I really wanted to close it. Nasty.
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(my link is to an image, not the actual popup, so feel free to look at it)
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Response by poster: After googling nedstat/webstats4u as swordfishtrombones suggested I've found that is probably the cause. I took the code off now... Let me know if the monster was killed. Thanks for the great answers!
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Doing ARIN and tracert it appears to me that you're under bizland, resold under Endurance International, resold under cogentco... which set off a few bells for me. But I think swordfishtrombones may have hit the more likely cause.
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Response by poster: Don't click my popup link!
I should've done as iconomy...
Sorry, will link to an image next time.
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I refreshed a dozen times and the popups seem to have gone now.
P.S.: those Edgerton shots of that atomic blast are still awesome.
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Seems to be popup free now.
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unless this is your webpage, there still seems to be an issue.

but if it is, why would that popup annoy you?
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No popups for me here.
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I dumped Nedstat for the same reason. I didn't see the popups on my page thanks to Firefox + Adblock, but finally noticed them, tracked them to Nedstat and immediately dumped the service. Have now been using statcounter for a while, nice thing is that it was pretty easy to plug it in in place of Nedstat (even including the original hit count number as a starting point). Has been good so far.
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Response by poster: Dumping nedstat/webstats4u seems to have solved the problem...
I'll try caution live frog's suggestion.
Thanks gang!
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