I need help getting EtherPEG for OSX compiled correctly or just a working download link...
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Can someone tell me how to get EtherPEG for OSX to work on my PowerBook? It seems that out of the box, it will only work with wired connections, not wifi. Please point me to the appropriate download or instruct me how to recompile it.

I have a three month old PowerBook, I have Tiger installed, as do I have the Developer Tools installed. I however know very little about compiling anything... When trying to run the application I get the following error, "Could not connect to ethernet device "en0". Use "sudo chmod 777 /dev/bpf*" to enable promiscuous access to ethernet devices. Use "ifconfig -a" to check the device name. You may need to rebuild EtherPEG with the right device name. Sucky, eh?"

How do I do that?
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In the disk image I downloaded there were two apps: one was for wired connections and one was for wireless connections. Are there two versions in your download?
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Make sure you download the OS X version at the bottom of the page (not the Classic version further up). It will give you two versions. For wireless, you want Etherpeg (en1).
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Response by poster: I downloaded the OSX version at the bottom of that page and I did see two different applications, en0 and en1. Unfortunately, I get the exact same error when I try to launch either one...
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Best answer: 1. Open Terminal (it's in /Applications/Utilities) and type "sudo chmod 777 /dev/bpf*" without the quotes. You may be asked for your password.
2. Run the (en1) app.

That should do it.
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And yes, you'll have to do this every time you run it.
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well maybe everytime you reboot, but the permissions change should be sticky for the duration of the current boot...
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Response by poster: I swear I tried typing that into the terminal and it didn't work, but maybe that was just 'cause I was trying to run en0 not en1. Everyone, thanks for your help!
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