In search of the fuzziest pajama pants
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Please help me find the softest, fuzziest, most cozy pajama pants.

I'm in search of the very fuzziest, most comfortable pajama pants available. I don't care so much about aesthetics, but darker solid colors are probably better, though I am willing to overlook ugliness for absolute comfort. I'm a pretty small woman, so kids' sizes could work.
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I just bought these and they are awesome.
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Consider fleece pants meant for hunting/outdoor activities/base layers?
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If you have access to a Costco, I bought these on a whim and then went back and got two more pairs after it turned out they're they only thing I want to wear at home ever anymore. So cheap and so so comfortable they're holding up prettty well for $10 pants- the outside is pilling a little where my thighs rub together but the inside is as soft as every after many washings. Love the wide non-ribbed comfy cuffs and waistband.
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I wear these boys' fleece pants from Target.

Men's flannel pajama pants are better than women's because they're thicker, and they get softer every time you wash them. You could roll up the legs or hem them.
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My favorite at home pants are men's fleece pajama pants from Target. I just cut the legs short enough, chopping them off without hemming, and because its's fleece it's fine still. I've had them at least since 2009. They get washed over and over and over and still look ok, and they get softer and softer each time I wash them.
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These. Seriously, these. They are hideous. They are marvelous. I wish I had 1000 pairs.
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Patagonia's Synchilla pants are the answer to your question. Not cheap but they have to be felt to be believed. They hang nicely too.
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Barefoot Dreams makes super yummy comfy loungewear (and otherwear!) It's pricy but there are probably deals if you around online.
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I dislike fleece and would not feel comfortable wearing something 100% synthetic as sleepwear. Cotton knit (jersey) is a soft material. If you need more warmth, Duofold long underwear is a wool outer layer lined with the softest cotton knit.
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i have a bunch of pajamas from pj salvage and they are awesome and cozy
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Nautica sueded fleece. I'm pretty sure these are the same kind of pants I own - got them from Costco - but if I'm correct they are so incredibly fuzzy, and stay that way through many many washings.
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LL Beans' flannel pajamas are amazingly soft. They're fuzzy (in a flannel way, not a fleece way) for a while, but the 10-year-old pair I have here are soft but not fuzzy. So, um, don't expect to get a decade of fuzziness.
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