Visiting Chicago Marathoners Seek Eating Recommendations
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Pre-and-post marathon dining destinations sought.

Mrs. Exceptional_Hubris and some friends are heading to Chicago for the upcoming marathon, and are looking for some places to eat.

Theyre staying on the magnificent mile and already have dinner reservations at Ema for Friday night, and brunch/lunch reservations for Little Goat for the Saturday before the marathon.

They are in need of dinner suggestions for Saturday night (night before the race), and are looking for NOT pasta, something light, but fun, and for brunch recommendations for the Monday after the marathon (the more indulgent the better).

Any suggestions?
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Giordano's immediately comes to mind for Chicago-style pizza indulgence at its finest. Lawry's has the best prime rib I've ever tasted.

For lighter fare, I've never been there, but Freshii in Water Tower seems like it might fit the bill.
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DO NOT GO TO GIORDANO'S (If you want pretty good Chicago Style pizza, you want Lou Malnati's or Pequod's.)

I would HIGHLY recommend Lula Cafe for brunch, or OR (my favorite) Little Goat.

There are so many great restaurants here - I know someone will come up with some good light dinner options.
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(hah I get so excited about Little Goat I completely missed they are already going there.)

In that case, for dinner I would also suggest Au Cheval.
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Another recommend for Chicago style pizza is Damenzo's in Little Italy, although it's not a nice sitdown kind of joint.

The West Loop is the superhot dining destination right now, and very accessible from Mag Mile (Little Goat is there). Another place there for lighter fare: Bad Hunter (actually it's right next door to Au Cheval), which is one of my favorite places to eat in Chicago right now.

A number of other great places to eat come to mind but I dunno how far you want to travel outside of the Michigan ave/Loop area.
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My brother the restauranteur says Pequod is the shit. I concur, although the wait is long.

I also highly recommend Farmhouse on West Chicago, where you can get the absolute best beer-battered cheese curds (presumably after the race).
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This miiiight be pushing "light" , but urban belly is fun and delicious.

Nobody does ridiculously indulgent pancakes better than The Bongo Room.
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I'd recommend Handlebar for a lighter dinner, and seconding Lula Cafe for brunch!
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So glad you asked this, I too will be running and have been trying to get some recommendations! Good luck OP and happy eating!
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Small Cheval has probably the most perfect cheeseburger I've eaten anywhere in the world.
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Mag Mile?

Beatrix (in Northwestern Memorial hospital) for Saturday night.

Brunch Monday, well 11:00 am anyways, maybe
Grand Lux Cafe, or Mariposa (in Neiman Marcus).
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Agree on Pequod's as #1 for pizza, with Lou Malnati's as the best larger scale, multi-location, won't wait all day place.

For brunch on Monday, I would recommend The Roost. They make fantastic, indulgent breakfast sandwiches based around spicy, Carolina-style fried chicken. JUST LOOK AT IT.
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