Low-fodmap-friendly meal planning
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I'm a bulk-cooker, making batches of meal components in advance, and am going to have a medium-term houseguest who is low-fodmap and I'm looking for inspiration.

I've got a grill (and good weather) and an Instant Pot so I get that half my battle here is just meats, salted and oiled if applicable, in quantities sufficient to multiple meal assemblies.

But over on the veg/side side, what are some good and fairly reliably gut-friendly reheat-and-assemble sides I can make in batches and fridge/freeze for meal assembly? Or salady things I can keep on hand to throw together?

My husband and I are lazily keto, flexible/adventurous eaters, and fine with eating simply as well, and I'm not too worried about the segregation of cooking components like alliums and legumes, but I am having a hard time feeling like I have any instinct for whipping up/stocking up on stuff that's reliably restriction-friendly. So if I can arm myself with a couple weeks' worth of ideas that real-world people tend to return to again and again, I think that'll get me on the road.

What are folks with these kinds of restrictions putting together - and enjoying - for weeknight meals and lunches?
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when i had to eat a low fodmap diet, i basically lived off mashed potatoes and rice. and carrots, zucchini and squashes. and cucumber. i ate a lot of tuna salad (made with olive oil and lemon) on rice crackers. i also ate a bunch of rice krispies with lactose free milk. and NACHOS! i made homemade nachos at least once a week - tortilla chips, cheddar, chicken, green bell peppers... asian-type foods were pretty good. stir-fries were good with fodmap-approved veggies like bell peppers and green beans. peanut noodles made with rice noodles.

it was clearly really hard for me to eat low-carb on low-fodmap sooo i just didn't. and it was especially hard to make things in bulk batches.

one thing to consider - some of the "good" fodmap foods are only good for a certain amount - sweet potatoes, for example, are only ok up to half a cup. or you can have 2 brussels sprouts. TWO BRUSSELS SPROUTS. but hey, that's not terrible. 1/4 cup of chickpeas, for example, is a perfect amount to put on a greek salad. 1 cup of cabbage is a solid amount for side of coleslaw. the monash app is really handy when you're cooking for someone with low-fodmap.
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I eat a lot of oatmeal with berries, a little brown sugar, and lactose-free milk. I actually sometimes eat this for lunch. Or I have gluten-free oatcakes with a bit of almond butter. For dinner I usually have grilled salmon or chicken and vegetables (courgettes, tomatoes, a little bit of corn, spinach, squash). I season meat and veg with asofetida to simulate onion flavour, and with a variety of herbs. Or I have pasta made with gluten-free pasta and sauce from mince, tomatoes, green herbs, and asofetida. To start the sauce I fry some garlic in olive oil and then strain and throw the actual garlic away - apparently it's ok to have garlic oil but not garlic itself. For dessert it's fruit like grapes, strawberries, or blueberries.
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Have you seen this?
A baked potato with dairy-free plain yoghurt could be a good side too
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