What might this job be?
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I am interested in a job at IKEA. For the life of me, I can't figure out what this job is. Kind of a bad sign, I know. Anyone who know what this job might entail? I did write the recruiter on LinkedIn but haven't gotten a response. Might want to apply but can't tell if I'm qualified. Journalist/communications/PR/Content person here.

What it says on the tin. If you've worked at IKEA's HQ or know someone who does, any idea about what that job entails? I just can't tell from the description.
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If you have questions regarding the recruitment, please contact Recruitment Specialist Olivia HÃ¥kansson, 0734 223 166.

I'd call the recruiter rather than using Linked-In. She makes it clear in the ad that that's her preferred method of dealing with enquiries about this post, so why not take that route? Just say that you're interested in hearing a little more about what the job entails.
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Call the recruiter. It isn't HQ, it's the product development wing of the company. I sit on the retail side but I have some idea about this role. It's pretty much what it says on the box-- when you develop products, you also need to develop all the communication assets around the product-- like is there a sustainability story? etc. PM me if I can be of any direct help.
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I might also look for different "Product Communication" job descriptions for hints. The way it reads to me is that this IS a known field of work that IKEA is not making up--this is just a bad job description that appears to be suffering from some translation issues.
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Never worked at IKEA but I have experience in this space.

It reads like a content writer/project management/little bit of dev ops hybrid to me - so you're filling where copy etc needs to be written and contributing to the creative, but you're also coordinating/tracking technical tasks in light of the company's overall strategic objectives. A lot of companies need a person or people who are communication professionals, but have some fluency with what the tech people are doing so they can help set priorities and bridge the gap between your tech nerds and your word nerds. If this sounds of interest, it doesn't list a requirement for PMP certification, so I don't think there's any downside to reaching out to the recruiter.
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Would agree with superfluosm, it's like a project management (but probably without being a project manager) with some copy and user experience stuff. Sounds fun, but just to be clear, it's located in rural southern Sweden. You'll need to drop the zero and add a +46 to the front of that cellphone number and take into account time diffs if relevant.
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It sounds to me like the Product Owner within a Scrum team.
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It doesn't sound like a product owner at all to me (tech person), it's more of a Product Marketing Manager (in the US parlance). PMMs and PCMs are in charge of communications about what is being created, when it is being released, what the benefits of the new products are for the customer and how it fits in with the company mission.
Not sure what type of content PR work you have done before but from your self-description, those are the 2 I'd highlight in your application.
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