Seeking narcotics groups for family members (no 12-step)
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That pretty much sums it up. My husband is an opioid addict. He is trying to quit and I'm trying to decide whether to stay in the marriage. Yes, we'll be getting counseling but I would like to process this with others. I don't need or want a 12-step program and it seems like that is all there is. Thanks.
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Where are you? that might make a difference for resources. I'm in Hamilton, Ontario and I'd recommend he go to "Concurrent Disorders" which treats mental health and addiction issues TOGETHER instead of separate. If he's self medicating, this could be a useful approach.
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Find a good doctor that is not the one prescribing him opiods (if that's how this started) and get on a medically assisted program that is legit. I realize you may not want to go through insurance, but I think this is medically very serious and requires professional intervention. Hopefully others will chime in with actual doctors or facilities recommendations. Providing an update with your general location might help.
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get on a medically assisted program

I think OP is looking for a support group for themself, but does not want to go to whatever the NA analogue of "AlAnon" is....
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Response by poster: Yes, this is for me. I'm in Northern Nevada. If the only place is an online forum, that will have to do.
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SMART is a non-12 step program for alcohol and they have affiliated Friends and Families groups. If that is not a good fit, they may be able to direct you to resources in your area.
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S.M.A.R.T. Recovery and Lifering are both addiction/chemical-dependency support groups that offer group support without the 12 step stuff.

Lifering seems to have more meetings and is kind of a group discussion format.

SMART is sometimes harder to find meeting for (though they were having online meetings too at one point). They use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, scientific approach.

You may also want to lookup the following drugs:
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If your husband is planning to get help, perhaps the center where he will go will have a program for the family as well. Years ago I dated someone that ended up in an outpatient program (4 or 5 meetings a week, led by addiction specialists, it was not a 12 step) and their program included a Friends and Family program, which held 2 meetings a week. Any family member or friend was encouraged to attend.

Fwiw, if it's the religious aspect of 12 step that you don't care for, you should know that there are meetings that are far less focused on a higher power being tied to religion. It takes some effort to attend several meetings until you find one that works for you, but they're out there. The most memorable story I heard was a guy who said he could not stomach the idea of a higher power that reminded him of religion, so he decided that a particular door knob in his house would be his higher power. When he needed to talk, he sat down across from the door knob and talked to it. Point being, people find ways to take what they want from 12 step and leave the rest behind.

Best of luck.
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Response by poster: Thank you, one and all!
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