Web 1.0 survivors + throwbacks?
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Prompted by Boing Boing's spotlighting of the Text-only CNN today, and my love of MeFi and Pinboard, I'd like to know: What are your favorite text-only / Web 1.0 / pre-c.2004 Web design inspired sites out there?
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Text only NPR!
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Oh and a plug for the gometaphilter: gopher://gopher.metafilter.com. Previously.

*hilariously I couldn't post the gopher link in an anchor tag because it wasn't valid.
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The Space Jam website has been like that since 1996.
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Throwback hipsters Vulfpeck
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The radio show Crap from the Past.
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Text Files always reminds me of my old computing days working with the Tandy TRS-80 microcomputer and its glorious green monochrome text. Those were the days!
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A majority of the What The Internet Is For sites I've compiled (see comments in The Old Man and the C Drive, A Load of Old Billhooks) have that Web 1.0 thing going on.

Here's a couple more:

Just For Openers
United States Early Radio History
The Teletext Museum
Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors
Jabberwocky Variations
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My very first professional site still LIVES:

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Things Magazine
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Arts & Letters Daily.
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Rob's Puzzle Page
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pre-c.2004 Web design
Kingdom of Loathing was made in 2002 or 3. It is a stick-figure rpg and does have graphics but is mostly text based.
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Blort, Distrowatch, Electoral-Vote.
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A lot of people use neocities to make or re-host web 1.0 style sites. Check out the 'featured sites' from the start page. Or make your own!
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Atlas of US Presidential Elections
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Cosma Shalizi's homepage/notebook has some neat nuggets. The "about" section reads:
This is the "worst home page ever," according to yankthechain.com. I'm very proud.

My site is deliberately low on graphics. Not that I object to pictures on principle: here are depictions of me, my office, my work (note the matrix for hidden Markov models in the background) and my old neighborhood in Madison. Nonetheless, this page is proudly optimized for PinealWeb.

This website is powered by fossil fuels and contributes directly to global warming and climate change.
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Reddit, although they're finally going to redesign.
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Mumsnet.com reminds me a lot of the old GuardianTalk forum I used in the early 2000s. They've only just implemented pictures.
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