Help me find a funeral dress
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My ideal dress is at or below knee length (I am tall, so nothing that is even slightly above knee length), 3/4 to long sleeve, with a defined waist but otherwise on the looser end of things.

I would love, for example, a blazer dress like this (tried this one but didn't work in person). But doesn't need to be exactly like this, but you get the idea, something not body con or figure hugging (but tailored is good). And in a sober color. I can often fit regular sizes, but tall is appreciated if it is available. It would be nice if it was good quality and something I could wear for a few years.
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How about this?
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eshakti might be your savior here. Everything they sell is customizable, plus they have a few stock items that may work as is. I've never bought anything from there, but my coworker has a lot of eshakti stuff and raves about them.
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Or this
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I was going to suggest eshakti - their Cotton knit wrap midi dress might be just what you're looking for, and they always adjust their patterns to your height, even if you don't pay the extra $10 for customized options. If they say "knee length," they mean it; you don't need to order it longer to make sure it'll fit. (I have the opposite problem - I'm short, so dresses that say "knee length" tend to be calf length; ordering from eshakti is disorienting because I actually have to think about, "do I want a dress that short?")

I have several eshakti dresses and am currently waiting on more to be made and delivered. They're well-made and it's a delight to have clothes that actually fit well with real pockets.
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Boden has a couple of dresses and they do come in lengths, but not sure if too form-fitting? Uniqlo has this dress but the check might be too informal--I'm unable to see any other colors on my uniqlo site. Seasalt also has a couple of smart options, and they tend to be cut well for tall people. Gap has tall sizes in this dress, this dress, and this dress but I've found their quality has gone down a bit over the past couple of years if you're hoping for something to hang on to.
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Eshakti is great but if you need this relatively quickly, they don't do quick well. Even when I order dresses from them with no modifications, it's never taken fewer than 2 weeks to receive, usually closer to 3.
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Another good option is Land's End. These ponte knit sheath dresses are good--my sister just wore one to a funeral. The knit is quite a substantial ponte knit, so it doesn't look at all casual like some knits do. It comes in Tall sizes, which would deliver the extra length. This elegant number might work too.
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Amazon: 1 and 2

Zappos, although you would likely want to add a sweater, and possibly black stockings.

A black boat neck top and pencil skirt or long skirt works as well.
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I absolutely love this dress. It goes from formal to gala to barbecue. It's my very favorite item of clothing.
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You might also like this one.
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This one? (+free shipping!)
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