Looking for New Webcomics to Make Life Bearable
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Hoping for some recommendations for new(ish) webcomics. Some previous favorites: Dicebox, O Human Star, Spacetrawler, Bad Machinery, Freefall, (shortlived) Center for Otherworld Science, Digger, etc. Any help is very appreciated!
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Did you ever read A Redtail's Dream? It's completed, but it's one of my very favorites. Her Stand Still, Stay Silent is ongoing.
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I know none of those. My current favorite is Grrl Power, a delightful superhero story with a genre-savvy protagonist.
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You might like Monster Pulse or The Last Halloween.
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You might enjoy The Meek and Mare Internum, which have a Dicebox-esque feel to them, Back, Kill Six Billion Demons (which is incredible), and maybe Iverly?
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I also am unfamiliar with those webcomics.

I love slice of life comics like Muddlers Beat which started out as Finn and Charlie are HITCHED.
And Boumeries which is in either English or French Canadian.

Strong Female Protagonist is a great feminist twist on superhero comics.

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo is a kid-friendly comic about kids investigating the monsters under your bed and in your city.

Isle of Elsi is a webcomic with kids as the audience about a land where dragons are real.

Is smutty ok? Oh Joy Sex Toy is smutty and educational and The Rock Cocks is smutty and fun. NSFW!
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My favourite in recent years has been Unsounded - I also like Dicebox and it hit a similar spot for me.
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The wildly imaginative Kill Six Billion Demons is amazing. I learned of it here on the blue.
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Do you mean literally new webcomics, or just new to you? Hiveworks is a good consortium of mostly fairly new webcomics which might be fun for you to browse. I like Wilde Life, Sleepless Domain, Namesake, and Daughter of the Lilies on there as well as the previously mentioned Monster Pulse and Mare Internum. (Prague Race is also great but seems to be on hiatus. I also really like Floraverse, but its storytelling style can get a bit nonlinear and surreal.)

Not new but possibly new to you:
Girl Genius, which I've been reading since it started as a print comic in 2000. Epic yet humorous Victorian mad science.
Rice Boy; the eponymous Rice Boy is actually just the first and most surreal of several fantasy-esque sagas.
Dresden Codak updates very infrequently but the gorgeous art is worth the wait.
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oglaf is amazing and eye-wateringly nsfw.

junior scientist power hour is great, surreal and very funny.
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Response by poster: Many thanks, all! I am eagerly looking through all of these wonderful-looking recs.
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Gunnerkrigg Court
Bird Boy
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Widdershins A set of related Victorian-Era-with-Magic adventure stories.
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The Night Belongs to Us. Standard bat meets wolf girl meets girl type of story.
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2nding Strong Female Protagonist and Widdershins.

Adding: Nimona and Bucko
Note: both of those are completed stories.
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