Fresh meat for a Halloween 2017 playlist?
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Looking for creepy tunes from the last couple years that could be used to add some fresh blood to a rotting Halloween playlist? Nothing that simply has words associated with ghosts or haunted houses, but music with a creepy vibe that are destined to become seasonal classics... stuff normal people don't want to listen to when home alone in the dark...

BTW, I received a few decent suggestion when I last asked in 2015.
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Response by poster: (I'd also like to encourage maybe tunes that are "new to you" that may fit in here).
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Taylor Swift's new single (Look What You Made Me Do) has a pretty Michael Jackson "Thriller" vibe, IMO.

Also, Graveyard Club - Forever (I mean, it's in their name!)
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Not sure what genre of music you are going for but this song comes to mind:

Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

It has a haunting tune and also has lyrics about loving murder...
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Delta Rae's Bottom of the River has a lovely creepy vibe to it.
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Xiu Xiu did that album of Twin Peaks covers last year - pitchfork review // full album stream
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Carla Bley, Musique Mechanique II (At Midnight)
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Blackstar - Bowie. More haunting than creepy and definitely not standard Halloween fare, but edgy-dark if that aesthetic works for you.
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Ooh, and Queens will play - Black Mountain. Gorgeously spooky.
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The Lord's Prayer in Old English Beautiful, but very creepy
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Dance of Cleansing by Andy the Doorbum!
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I Saw The Dead by Villagers.
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O Death
This version by Ralph Stanley, from the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Or this version by Jen Titus
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Three Mile Pilot - Jadulastan Requiem
Aphex Twin - kladfvgbung micshk (and a bunch of other stuff from drukqs)
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Blotted Science - The Insomniac
Dillinger Escape Plan (covering Aphex Twin) - Come to Daddy

Are you interested in classical at all? Danse Macabre and the second Introduction from The Rite of Spring come to mind.
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Regina Spektor – The Trapper and the Furrier

What a strange, strange world we live in
When the good are damned and the wicked forgiven
What a strange, strange world we live in
Those who don't have lose, those who got get given ...

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Dig Gravedigger Dig by Corb Lund
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Sorry for the serial posts, here's a few more:

Assdroids - Daft Crunk
Diamanda Galas - Litanies of Satan (this one feels so obvious that I'm guessing you've already got it on your playlist, but just in case)

Oooh, and maybe some old Milemarker, like New Lexicon.

Slint's Washer has a pretty spooky sound to me.

Most of the Sunn O))) canon would fit the bill. See, e.g., It Took The Night To Believe.

Likewise Mortician.
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The Purple Stuff Podcast is hosted by two guys who are obsessed with Halloween. Their latest episode is called "Spooky Songs IV" and they play snippets of songs that remind them of Halloween or scary movies. (It is obviously the fourth in a series.)

Not all of their song choices would fit your request, but some of them would, and these guys are just geeky enough to list songs I hadn't heard of or had forgotten about.
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