Fictional Romances with Happy Endings: Games, Apps, Books, etc
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Last week my favorite MMO revealed that my favorite romance companion is going to betray me in the newest round of end game content. (Damn you, Bioware. Damn you!) A few days later I realized that a bunch of my go-to movies and tv shows also involve dissolving romances and/or betrayal. This is leaving me feeling way more devastated than is probably healthy. I need some happy romances that I can pretend I’m a part of. What should I watch, play, read, etc?
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Does TV count? The first 5 or 6 seasons of The Office are really fun to watch the Jim/Pam dynamic play out. (I never watched past that, so not sure how they end up).
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Response by poster: Also the only way I am able to continue playing that stupid MMO is by telling myself that romance companion had better be a double agent because if he isn’t I am going to send a lot of letters
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For TV - Hart of Dixie gives everyone a Happily-Ever-After. (There are some breakups within the seasons, but, mostly just to shuffle some of the pairings around, but, ultimately all happy endings. I love that goofy show so much.)

For books, head over to the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website. If you start following the posts and listening to the weekly podcast, you are bound to find some new favorite authors. Nearly ever day there will be a post about ebooks that are on sale or free that day. There are book reviews, and you can search by trope, so, if you figure out what your 'catnip' is, you can find more like it.
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TV: Ben and Leslie on Parks and Rec are the greatest romance of our era. They are friends. They respect each other and they're also hot for each other. They love each other and they like each other.
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Last Tango in Halifax, especially the first season.
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I was just going to recommend Smart Bitches Trashy Books!

As someone who loves romance enough that she considers any bookstore without a romance section not a real bookstore, here are some quick picks (on mobile so no links, sorry):


Loretta Chase, The Dressmakers
Beverly Jenkins, Indigo and Forbidden (set in the US)
Alyssa Cole, The Loyal League (set during the Civil War)
Courtney Milan, the Brothers Sinister series


Jennifer Crusie, Bet Me
Alisha Rai, Hate To Want You
Anything by Brenda Jackson
Meg Cabot's Boy series
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I'm gonna say the "San Junipero" episode of Black Mirror.
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Gone Home
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Georgette Heyer is surely the one, true answer here, and The Grand Sophy is surely the one true book of hers.
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2nding Georgette Heyer. Happy endings every time and so glorious.
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You could try anything by Laurie Colwin. Also, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
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I've heard great things about Dream Daddy although I have not played it myself, and I think it is possible to play it in such a way that the romance does not pan out.
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> The Grand Sophy is surely the one true book of hers.

.. If you don't mind some nice post-WWII antisemitism, unfortunately.
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I loved the North & South miniseries! Swoon.
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With regards to Parks and Rec, yes Leslie and Ben are the great love story of our generation, but Andy and April also deserve mad props as that freaky couple proving that everyone has their insanely perfect match out there somewhere, and that you can grow together.

Books: Gotta second all the SBTB recommendations above that Tamanna listed, and add Rose Lerner's True Pretenses and Bria Quinlan's Brew-Ha-Ha series (start with Worth the Fall, I don't care if it's technically #2).

If you're looking for something in the more action-adventure-urban-fantasy realm, I found the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews to be absolutely un-put-downable. Great relationships in general, as well as a romance that builds and grows over time. Oh, and things blow up a lot.

The Expanse is not a romance novel series by ANY POSSIBLE STRETCH of the imagination, but it has a really wonderful relationship at its core. The thing I like most about the series is that the authors have decided that certain characters trust and will not betray each other no matter what horrible dark thing is happening (some of these relationships are romantic and some are friendships). I needed to read something like that after all the grimdark out there.
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i mean

this is literally the primary purpose of fanfic
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Also! Check Please! is an adorable webcomic about hockey boys and baking (yes, really!) that is guaranteed 100% to have a happy ending. Bonus: the creator is a WoC and the comic is pretty diverse, considering it's about hockey!
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Response by poster: i mean

this is literally the primary purpose of fanfic

i already tried that it made me even more weepy

bioware games ruin everything
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Nthing Georgette Heyer. Reliably happy endings.
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It is true some of her plots feature money lenders and contain anti semitic stereotypes. But by not all her books do, the majority in fact don`t
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