Store recommendations WWII military memorabilia – Toronto area
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Where do you recommend shopping for additions to a budding collection, ideally recommendations that won’t break the bank? Websites with up to date listings to browse before going would be a real plus. Willing to drive a bit outside the city, if it’s worth the trip. Clothing, metals, equipment - open to most anything.
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Any antique mall of size like Southworks or 400 Market will have a dedicated military booth. Temporary antique markets like at the CNE probably won't, but you never know. There's a pretty big military booth at Lakeshore in NotL.

Those booths are unlikely to have an online presence. You have to go and see what's there -- maybe nothing, maybe everything. Uniform badges and insignia are very common items, as are uniforms and light hardware, going up all the way to large fighter jet parts. There is always -- always -- Nazi shit.
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