Automated self-reconstructing table?
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A friend has been telling me about an automated restaurant / conference table that changes who your neighbours are and we can't find anything like it online.

Possibly Swedish-made. Used to be one in a function centre on Coronation Drive, Brisbane. Works like this: you, your seat and your meal/wine/paperwork stay together but this oddly shaped table moves imperceptibly on a conveyer belt (?) and by the end of evening, you have had the opportunity to talk with everyone.

To be clear, it's not like a rotating restaurant where you keep the same companions but your view changes.
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Someone posted a Conveyor Belt Dinner Table idea at the Halfbakery (a web site for sharing made-up invention concepts).
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I saw the halfbakery one, but my research did not otherwise turn a real one up.
I was quite excited when I found the search term dynamic conference tables, but it seems that what they mean by dynamic is "folding" so, boring.

I understood the question to be:
Do these really exist, and if so does anyone have any information on how we can find out more.
If that wasn't the question, then it is my question.
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Response by poster: Okay, it turns out it is an narrow oval(ish) 'table' with a hole in the centre where your placesetting travels on a conveyer belt (like sushi trains) so your opposite dining companion keeps changing, not the one beside you. Not as exciting as I thought but still interesting. More info here and here.
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