I need this thunk emoticon and Google won't give me anything
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I first saw this one emoticon on Something Awful forums. It is composed of a thinking face emoji (either the normal variant or the thonk, or the goofy one). however, the thinking face is superimposed upon an equally yellow body. That yellow body is a capable facsimile of The Thinker, by Rodin. It's a large image, so not actually an emoticon. Maybe a sticker? Something like that.

Bonus round: there's a .gif of a SPARTAN suited character with the thinking face emoji superimposed on the helmet, banging on a table, with the caption being PISS TAPE! PISS TAPE!
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I've been looking for this one for two months, OK

don't judge me
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Was it this? Or were you thinking of something smaller?
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Yes! Thank you!
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bonus round
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