Looking for song from Reply All ep 104.
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Looking for the song that plays at the 29 min mark of episode 104 of Reply All. This is the episode about 1-800 traffic pumping.

Episode is here. The song comes in at 29 minutes - kind of jazzy electronica with a B3 organ feel. I know Reply All uses a lot of Brakemaster Cylinder music but this does not seem to be that. This is a fantastic episode, by the way.
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Best answer: That's a callback to earlier shows. It's a song they refer to as the 'The Best Hold Music in the World' and it's called 'Simplicity' by Macroform. You can download it from the artist's clip site here.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Here is the episode where they talk to the artist. Starts around 1:40.
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