Would you go to Mexico given current US state dept advisories?
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Planning a winter trip to Zihuatanejo with my parents, husband and 18 month old. We've been before (my parents go regularly) but noticed that the state department has changed their recommendations for this state in Mexico. I'm not overly concerned about crime in the touristy areas, but want to be sure we're not being naive given that we're traveling with our son. Would you go? If not where would you go instead for a similar warm-weather trip in Feb?
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I wouldn't. FWIW all DOD personnel were instructed on Friday not to travel to Mexico for the next two weeks.
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What, exactly, are you concerned about?

Assuming you're not actively involved in the drug or emigration trade, a journalist, driving a fancy car on the highway at night, or otherwise going out of your way to get noticed, it's pretty hard to find a place in Mexico that's less safe than a typical city in the US. Michoacán is beautiful, and full of interesting people living fulfilling and perfectly ordinary lives. Take buses that aren't the cheapest possible buses and relax. There are plenty of Mexicans walking around in the same place without fear.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. We booked a trip and head to Cancun in a few weeks!
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