Where's Barb??
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Help me craft the best Barb costume ever. Glasses, blouse with ruffles/tie at the neck, red hair and freckles, sure. But what are the extras that will really sell it?
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Trapper Keeper
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You could bandage your hand from the cut she got at the party. I believe in the show she has her left thumb/palm wrapped.
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Blue eye shadow.
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In the wiki photo, it looks like she's wearing a Swatch with one of the silly rubber protectors they used to have.

And mom jeans.
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High waisted, unflattering, stone washed denim jeans. Or non-jean pants which fit in this way. I think it's a critical part of Barb's look. The pants were one of the costuming details that stood out to me when I watched the show: costume designers on retro/vintage projects rarely seem to showcase the unflattering fits of previous eras.
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In 1985 I was wearing pleated jeans with the bottoms pegged and tucked into socks.
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