Please help me make a simple concert program.
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How do I make a simple one page, folding program for a concert in Microsoft word?

I am using a Mac.
I do NOT want the graphics / photos that are in the Microsoft word "Program" template.
When I change the orientation of the page in Format, it still types from top to bottom.
I want it to look like a normal program you fold in the middle -- the cover of the program on the outside and text inside.
Thank you!
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Is there any way for you to get access to Microsoft Publisher? It would be better suited to make a program rather than using a word processing program.
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- Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape
- Page Layout > Columns > More Columns > set columns to 2 and spacing to 2x your side margins
- Your first page will consist of your cover (in the right column) and your back cover (on the left)
- The second page will be the interior pages (left column page 2, right column page 3)
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When I was doing the weekly programs for church, the secret word was "bookfold", but I've lost my templates and don't remember any more details than that.
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Columns in Word is a simple formatting choice that should help. Use the column function to have two columns on your landscape page. It will automatically produce a gutter in the middle where your fold will be.

Or, you can insert text boxes. Two equal sizes, each one takes up half the page. One on the right and one on the left.

Instead, you can use the table function and insert a table with one row and three columns. Change the height of the columns so they fit the entirety of your page (something like 8 inches) and change the size of the middle row so that it takes the space of your crease and gutters in the middle.

Or, use the existing Program template but delete whatever you don't want. Change anything else you'd like.
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Page Layout Tab; Page Setup options.
Margins: .5" all around (or whatever you want, but the default is almost certain to be too big.) Or .35 top, bottom, outside, and .25" inside, if you're tight for space.
Orientation: Landscape.
Pages - Multiple Pages: Book Fold.

That will get you half-letter sized pages that automatically print as a booklet (page 1 will be on the outside right; pages 2-3 will be inside; page 4 will be outside again on the left).

Free template for event program, with art you will no doubt find ugly, but the layout may work. Looks like it uses text boxes instead of book fold.

Howtogeek instructions, with screencaps, and notes about printing. If your printer is touchy about book-fold printing, the solution is to print/convert to PDF first so you have a 2-page document instead of 4 half-sized pages that require additional software to make it work.

Columns is another option; just keep in mind that if you go that way, your first page needs to be "page 4 | page 1" and the second one needs to be "page 2 | page 3." (Text gets funny inside columns, and it's a real pain to use columns inside columns, if you have text you want to stack that way.)

Text boxes will allow text to go in different directions, but the only way to get upside-down text is WordArt, or importing a picture of the text from somewhere else.
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Yet another option is to see whether your printer supports printing multiple pages per sheet in booklet mode. Most printers capable of double-sided printing will have this option.

If so, all you need to do is lay your source document out as four completely normal pages, with the cover as page 1, the innards as pages 2 and 3, and the back cover as page 4. You might want to use the gutter option in Page Setup to get symmetrically asymmetric margins on pages 2 and 3.
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Text boxes [ title, bullet lists, foot notes etc,] give you control over the look and feel when the page is folded, better than margin adjustments. Permits a fine tuning as you print the test samples and fold for proofing. Just my approach.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
My Word (14.7.3)has no landscape or portrait options, and when you click print layout under view nothing comes up. You can do print layout in Print, but it's very limited and has no landscape.
The columns won't let me print on two sides of the page, will it? So I can fold...?
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Do it as four separate pages and then when printing do two pages per sheet, double-sided and then when printing choose "print pages" and enter 4, 1, 2, 3. That will get you a simple A5 brochure from an A4 page. (or as said above, order your pages in the document in that order, last page, first page, inside left, inside right).
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I have the same version of Word (2011 for Mac, yes?) and you definitely can change the orientation on the Layout tab.
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Here's a basic template: the Birthday Dirge with 31 verses + variants, gathered from various spots around the web, in both booklet and column format.
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I basically attempted to do exactly this three days ago and ended up using Powerpoint. Way easier to use, in my opinion. Google how to change the size of the slide to the size of your sheet of paper, and then draw a line down the middle of each slide and go from there with text boxes, images, etc. When you're done you can delete the lines. Use the ruler bar up top to ensure that things are centered-ish. Good luck -- I feel your pain.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm not marking best answers because everyone had a helpful angle on this. I used a combo.
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