Do you know this paper on weirdnesses in families with schizophrenia?
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My partner once ran across an article in which a woman studied families that have several members with schizophrenia. She found that each home had some weirdness. The example she remembers is silverware kept under the sink so it would be extra clean. She doesn't remember the name of the article or the author, and an old psychologist told her about it, so she believes this is rather old research. Can anybody point to this article?
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This is a book, not an article, but I'll throw it out there: might it be Pathways to Madness by Jules Henry? It's a series of case studies about families in which one member has schizophrenia or severe mental illness; since each chapter is a different family, it's possible your partner remembers one of the chapters as an article.
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Response by poster: I forgot about this question, but my partner reminded me of it just now. I have ordered a copy of this book!
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