I want the app equivalent of the the pill timer cap
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Is there an app/web equivalent of the pill timer cap? These caps tell you the last time you opened the bottle (in days or hours or whatever). I want a webpage or app (iOS) version where I can get a list of things, and it will allow me to click to say "I just did this" and then count up and show me how long it's been since I clicked last.

Something like this:
Watered the Cactus -- 7 days ago -- Did it
Took out the Trash -- 2 days ago -- Did it
Washed the sheets -- Just now -- Did it
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There's a whole category of apps for this: selftracking apps from the quantified self idea. I don't know which one shows you times, but they may be worth trying out.
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Do It Now does that on the side, I've got a list of tasks that I check off after completing them (to earn XP) and each task keeps track of the last time you executed that task.
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Joe's Goals is a similar web version I've used for a similar purpose. Worked well.
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Here's a previous question that may have some useful ideas.
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Best answer: It looks like there's an app called Last Time that does this.
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Best answer: I think that the app called recur does exactly what you're asking for. It labels itself as the reverse to-do list.
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