Twitter discovery and analytics for beginners?
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I need recommendations for tools to harvest and analyze tweets. I am curious about a Twitter troll farm or bot army and trying to figure out who is behind it — NOT Russia related! I'd appreciate specific recommendations as well as links to guides that cover the topic.
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Best answer: TAGS is great and easy to use. But like any such system, you can only go back a week in time or 3000 tweets. This is a twitter restriction if you don't pay for access to larger datasets. If you need more, you can set tags to run every hour from now on, and in a couple of months, you'll have a couple of months of data, etc.
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Strongly recommend checking out @bitburner and direct messaging him- he is admittedly focused on Russian troll farms at present, but the work he is doing to analyze hard Twitter data is incredible; he is also friendly and responsive to comments/questions concerning the tools and methodology of his research.
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