Best plus-size raincoat/ rain jacket
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I'm looking for the best plus-size women's raincoat or rain jacket that fits my criteria (must be actually attractive and work for PNW downpours.) Wishes: Cute, good color, fits size 22/3XL, prefer a structured/adjustable hood and cuff adjustment. I would like a real coat for the outdoors, not a fashion-y coat. I tried a size 2XL from North Face and it was much too tight, though I could zip it, so NF is out. I'm open to a men's jacket if anyone has one that they think fits well despite being cut differently. I would not like to look like a box. Thank you for any ideas!
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Best answer: I have this one in the navy. It ticks all your boxes and I have had mine for 4 years. Nothing has failed on it and still very water repellant and breathes. The hood is a bit big for my head and the cuffs don't adjust. I took it to the tailor and she made the hood not as huge and added velcro bands and interior ribbed cuffs for me. I wash it in the washing machine on regular cycle then allow to drip dry as needed. The inner lining zips out too.
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Best answer: I just bought the McKenzie Trench from the same company. The hood isn't as adjustable as I would like and the cuffs are not adjustable at all. However, the plus sized fit is very good and the material it's made from is very nice. It has a subtle pattern on it that makes it look a lot more organic and the material retains a pleasant crispness when wet - it doesn't go all soggy/floppy nor does it feel rubbery. It's long enough that I don't feel like I need rain pants with it but not so long that I feel like I look ridiculous. So, two votes for Eddie Bauer.
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I bought a Ralph Lauren Trench Coat a few years ago that I really like. It does not have a hood but it is somewhat structured and polished. It's fairly water repellant.

*linked item is not the best available price so do shop around if you plan to purchase.
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3XL in a woman's size is going to be somewhat difficult.

If you're near a Cabela's you might try this coat, which they carry up to 2XL in women's sizes. The men's cut of the coat goes up to 3XL and also has tall sizes available.

I wear the men's and while I liked the first incarnation of it better (before they changed the zippers and hood a bit) it's an inexpensive but effective basic Goretex shell. I walk five miles a day and live in a place that gets 150+ inches of rain a year. I'd like to have more choices in tall sizes and I'm not super overjoyed about Cabela's but you can do a lot worse than this basic shell.

At the current sale price of $79.99 if it fits I'd recommend one just to save for the proverbial rainy day.
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Oops -- I didn't include the plus size link. Ralph Lauren Plus Size Trench
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I have this jacket in a 3X (it goes to 6X). The shaping is done with a drawstring waist that has toggles on it, so you can shape it to fit your personal dimensions.
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Columbia has a nice selection of plus-sized rain jackets in a range of colors. I'm a 2X and my experience with Columbia plus sized outerwear is that it tends to be on the larger side, though I've read reviews of some I haven't tried claiming they run small, so read reviews and/or buy both sizes and return one.

You can often find these on Amazon, too.
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Eddie Bauer is a Seattle-based company and has several raincoats ideal for PNW weather in size 3x.

Land's End also has several options in that size. I've always found their outerwear to be very good, very well made.

REI also carries a badass looking raincoat to size 3x--although color selection is rather limited--but this style pit zips, which are essential when you're exerting yourself in your waterproof jacket.
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I have a yellow raincoat from Travelsmith that would fit you. It has a reasonably femme cut, and it does fine in PNW rain and tropical thunderstorm rain, and isn't plasticky feeling. Memail if you want me to go look for the tag.
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Columbia jackets fit really well (I'm a 2x) but their quality has tanked in recent years and the last jacket I bought from them ripped after just a few months.

Land's End rainjackets are durable and stylish. They might look a bit boxy on the website, but most of them seem to have internal drawstrings so you can customize your figure a bit.
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Best answer: I have a GOTG trench from Eddie Bauer and I love it but I am in the large tall and I'm a size 8/10. So unless they have a specific plus size cut it might not work for you. I have friends who are close to your size who buy a lot of Columbia jackets. I don't think the quality is quite as good as Eddie Bauer though so if you can try one on without too much hassle it's probably worth it.
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London Fog is both utilitarian and quite tailored. You can buy it at Nordstrom and get alterations there. Fits up to a 24-26.
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I also have a Winter Warmer coat from LL Bean. It has quite good structure from the internal draw strings and is my favorite coat for PNW weather, despite being rated for much colder weather. I'm a wuss!
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Best answer: I usually wear a 2x and find the nicest outerwear at Eddie Bauer and Columbia.
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I just ordered this Charles River Apparel jacket from Amazon and it has 3x in most colors. I don't have it yet, so I can't tell you how it fits. Different colors are different prices, but most are around $50.
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Best answer: I'm going to join the chorus of those suggesting Eddie Bauer. They also happen to be having a sale right now. (9/22)

I have two Eddie Bauer jackets. They are both well made. My favorite is my Girl on the Go insulated trench coat. I appreciate that the lining comes out since I'm in mid Atlantic and rarely need the lining. But with the lining it's crazy warm. I also have a kona jacket which is thinner, but more practical for spring and fall rains. I've put both jackets through some kid and dog related abuse and they both still look great. I've also warn them both through southern thunderstorms and stayed dry.

I wear a 1x, but I just looked and both come in 3x. The GOTG seems to be roomier (and slightly more boxy) than the kona. However, I get compliments on both. I feel that both are flattering esp considering how practical they are.
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I also have a Columbia jacket that is waterproof that is intended for snowsports with a zip-in coat. The zip in coat was kinda meh but the jacket is a real winner. And unlike a lot of plus-sized stuff, you can get it in something other than black. Mine is a vibrant green mega-plaid and boy can you see me coming down the ski slopes. I find the LL Bean fit to work best on the flat chested. Every LL Bean item I have ever owned has been well made and it rides up in the chest and looks stupid. Lands End has been a bit of a crap shoot. I often find their plus sized stuff to have a dowdy fit. Cabela's plus sized stuff is actually much nicer than you would expect and some of their stuff just kicks ass. However, my experience is that it fits a lot smaller than you would expect and I have been majorly bummed at having to send back most of their stuff that should have fit me. I don't order from them anymore as a result.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I went with the Eddie Bauer Girl on the Go (ridiculous name, but great coat!) I really like it, the only issue is that I am very short with short arms and the sleeves are a bit too long, but I'm going to get them hemmed up. Thanks for helping me out!
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