Unbreakable hair claws?
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Anyone know if unbreakable hair claws exist anywhere? The ones I can find snap immediately upon contact with my hair.

A couple weekends ago, I sadly lost one of my beloved unbreakable hair claws (seriously I had been babying this thing for 12 years! Replacing the spring when it broke and everything! I'm quite distraught I finally lost it). The reason it was so great? It was made of a plastic that had some give to it so it didn't immediately snap upon meeting my hair in a bun, like those cheapo goody ones do.

I have one left, but I figured I should finally ask if anyone knows of any I could order online, my google searching has proven fruitless.

These are more or less the size I want (~1.5 inches) Color being more or less irrelevant. The one I lost was hot pink.
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Scunci brand are infinitely stronger than Goody. I have a ton of very coarse hair, the bane of every clip, barrette, and hair tie in the land, and Scunci are the jam. However, I have only ever found them in the basic neutrals (black, tortoise, sometimes clear).

You might also try every big-haired person's friend, the Ficcare clip. Worth every penny.
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In addition to the sturdiness of the plastic, I think the shape of the clip is important as well - some clips are designed in such a way that the weight of the hair is balanced well and doesn't overstrain a single part of the clip. Clips with a more crab-like, rounder shape work well. "Octopus clips" by scünci are wonderful. Here are some small ones that are close to the size you want.
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+1 on the Ficcare clip. I received one as a Christmas present this year and it is worth the hype.
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The quality of these metal claw clips is impressive and they are available in different sizes. I find the larger this type of metal claw clips too heavy for my hair; two smaller clips such as those linked are sufficient to secure my hair all day.
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My unbreakable hair clips are all made of bakelite, which I suppose is now considered vintage. You might find d them on ebay or etsy.
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I have a lot of heavy slippery hair, and I love these Scunci clips. There are multiple sizes - I just use this size the most. They sit flat, and seem indestructible.
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I have thick, coarse, curly hair and the Scünci Octopus Clips in in Large are the only ones I've found that hold my hair up and don't break. I've had my black one for six years or more. And because they're more flat than the other brands, as a bonus, they don't poke into my scalp when I lean against a headrest.
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Maybe I'll have to change the shape.. I've tried Scunci before and they also broke :/

The Ficcare clips that are the most similar to what I'm used to are made of acetate. Does anyone know the durability of that? I don't mind shelling out $$ but not it it's going to snap immediately.

Super frustrating part is that these ones I've been using for years were just from Claire's and now they seem to exist nowhere!!
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Acetate is more durable than molded plastic. It's what they switched to after tortoiseshell was banned.
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Sorry to be so late to this question, but I wanted to let you know that Ulta has metal claw clips that my hair has (so far, knock on wood) been unable to break. I have these two: http://www.ulta.com/xl-claw-clip?productId=xlsImpprod15321171 and http://www.ulta.com/silver-open-shape-claw-clip?productId=xlsImpprod16041513. They're super sturdy and I love them so much. They also have small clips which I think are more what you're looking for: http://www.ulta.com/mini-metal-claw-clips?productId=xlsImpprod16041509. Anyway, I hope this helps.
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