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I'm doing a "Top Gear £1000 Challenge" with a group of friends next year. So looking for some assistance / advice / recommendations from you guys. Challenge this year is "In a team of 2 people, buy a luxury car for under £1000 and drive some of the best, most iconic driving roads Europe has to offer. " What car should I go for? I know next to nothing about cars so need something that will be reliable.
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Are you allowed to, for example, spend £600 on the car and the remaining £400 on getting it serviced? I feel like a newly-serviced £600 car will get you further than an unserviced £1000 car.
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Response by poster: Yes - as long as you don't spend more than a £1000
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I'm not sure what counts as a luxury car when you're spending £1000, but I would use auto trader plus car reviews. Look for low mileage (<6>
Also if you are going cross Europe you might want to look at this

as laws regarding what's required vary nation to nation.

Personally, I'd get something dependable like a fiesta and save the rest to budget for everything else you're going to need to deal with, but I'm guessing that wouldn't count as luxury.
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For a Top Gear type challenge, I think first of Jags, TBH. There are a few around for less than £1000 - but then there's probably a reason for that (and you're not going to be travelling with a support crew...). Alternatively an old Mercedes - they are at least reputed to able to be driven for hundreds of thousands of miles without falling apart.
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I'd go watch that episode! I think Ham showed up with an old Bugatti or something, Jeremy came in with a Jag, and James bought a boat of a Mercedes.

IIRC, the Mercedes made it the farthest.
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Best answer: I'd go for a VW Phaeton, Citroën C6 or Renault Vel Satis. Failing that, an old Lexus GS. They should all be dirt cheap, but still pretty reliable, and they'll look posh enough.
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Consider a search for LHD cars - since these vehicles can have a resale value in the UK below what they would be for RHD equivalents. For example this Mercedes-Benz 180 for £999. Since you are taking it abroad anyway - sell it once you are there at the end of your travels.
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Just chiming in to add that the "fun" of a competition like this is that a $1k luxury car, by its nature, is not likely to be reliable. If you know next to nothing about cars, I hope you're pairing up with someone who does, otherwise a trip like this may not be all that great. You'll want to have the know-how between the two of you to do field repairs yourselves.
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You won't get a C6, Vel Satis or Phaeton for anywhere near £1k (the cheapest Phaeton on Autotrader is four times that). Would recommend a first generation Lexus LS400 or LS430. Comes in under budget and stands a much better chance of not breaking down.
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