GarageBand and iMovie for newbies
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I've started writing and recording original songs. I'd like to be able to record isolated vocal and ukulele tracks, and to make short videos for them. I can't figure out how to use GarageBand or YouTube for the iPhone S.

I have an iRig and have been able to record music straight from my uke to my iPad. I seem to only be able to record in 10-second increments--I assumed this is because the program is set up to record one bar at a time. I can loop the bar, but can't figure out how to (a) trim the bars shorter; (b) make the time longer, or (c) edit all the bars together into one song. I would like to record my vocal and the ukulele separately and mix them into one song (and import them as an MP3 into Soundcloud and Bandcamp), and I haven't figured out how to do that.

As far as iMovie is concerned...I want to trim the first and last second off my videos so the first and last things you see aren't my thumb hitting the record button. iMovie hasn't let me do any of that--I open a project and I don't see a cutter tool the way I do in the desktop version.

I get the sense that I'm missing some important features that will allow me to do the things I'd like to do with these programs. Are there good tutorials online that can show me how to do these very basic things in GarageBand and iMovie? Thanks!
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GarageBand: change recording time by clicking on the plus icon at the top right of the timeline. GarageBand allows you to split up your song into "sections" each with their own measure length. It defaults to one called Section A. Tap on Section A and turn on the "automatic" option. This will allow you to record sections as long as you want. The length of the section will be the length of the recording. GarageBand has a very solid internal help system for basic mechanics.

I find every tutorial by just searching YouTube for app + needed functionality. These are very basic functions and will be widely covered.

Edit: search for iOS app to exclude desktop tutorials
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