Skirting around the issue. (The issue is the late 90s are over, boooo.)
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I would like a cargo skirt please. Something like this to answer all of my tween-age dreams. (Actually, I had one when I was 12 and I wore it every time I had to wear a skirt and it was great and I'd like to revisit that great skirt.) Please help me find one!

My search for my dream skirt has been going on for about a year and I've finally decided I can't do it alone. Since I have my heart set on my childhood skirt, I'm pretty particular in what I'd like. Please refer to the page of the Delia's catalog for a better idea.


-something in the khaki color range, or black, but preferably khaki
-material with some kind of something to it, so not clingy cotton jersey
-button/zipper fly rather than elastic waist
-hit at hip rise
-slouchy and cool kid looking, not sister-wifey
-some accoutrements okay (cargo pockets, etc), heavy fuckery not okay (ahem)

Things I have tried:
-modest skirts for Muslim women
-modest skirts for Jewish women (fun fact: there is a line called Kosher Casuals)
-modest skirts in general
-closing my eyes and wishing myself back to 1998
-searching every permutation of utility skirt, cargo skirt, maxi skirt, canvas maxi skirt, camping skirt, floor length khaki skirt, etc, etc, etc I can think of until my eyes bleed
-hoping this site will start selling again

Everything has either been too formal (e.g. fitted true waist rise, dockers type fabric), too SHORT (I'm 5'7", y'all don't need to see my ankles), or a dead link.

It would appear that the skirt I want just doesn't exist anymore. Please tell me I'm wrong. Metafilter, you're my only hope.
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I'm guessing you've already come across this given your search terms but Asos has one that might be in the realm of what you're looking for. The rise is a little high but would work under a long shirt like in the reference pictures. If you don't find what you're looking for, I would keep an eye on Asos' maxi skirts...I bet this kind of thing will start popping up, especially as the weather gets colder. They tend to be heavy on throwback styles and have a tall line in case the regular maxi isn't maxi enough.
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Don't worry, the mid-1990s are about to come roaring back, you are just slightly ahead of the trend. As such, I only have one suggestion which is this skirt by Johnny Was.
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Best answer: You might try khaki long panel skirt as your search phrase - I see a number of promising options come up. If you really want pockets that might not be a good search term, but you didn't say pockets are essential...?
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Keep an eye out at camping/outdoor clothing stores (REI and the like). This is often their aesthetic. I did a quick look and didn't see anything at the moment, but Sierra Trading Post has, for example, this skirt which seems to be in the same genre as yours.
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Have you tried searching for lagenlook or cargo skirt on Ebay (it's not all pre-loved, there are plenty of sellers of new clothing too if you'd prefer). And Etsy?
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Best answer: Something close in black
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A very dorky part of me has always wondered about these long cargo hiking skirts. Bonus, they convert into "pants," kind of!
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Response by poster: I HAVE FOUND A FEW OPTIONS!

Searching for panel skirt on google images brought me, eventually, to this skirt, which brought me to this site and these two skirts which aren't quite what I want but might call to others on a similar quest.

Searching on Etsy, which I've done before but truthfully not for about a year, found me THIS SHOP, who appears as far as I can tell to custom-alter cargo pants, still my heart. Folks, I think this might be the winner. So slouchy! So pockety! So customizable to my height and ass width! 😍

Don't worry, the mid-1990s are about to come roaring back, you are just slightly ahead of the trend.
This surprises me not in the slightest. I was lusting after my middle school era suede creepers a full YEAR before the FentyxPuma collection was announced and anyway long story short I'm like 95% RiRi reads my facebook.

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Why not find one you like and get a local tailoring place to copy it for you?
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Hey, thanks for posting your finds! I knew the search term "panel skirt" because I own a floor-length brown denim one already - was coincidentally wearing it today, in fact, and received yet another compliment on it - and have been idly browsing for another in a different color, and your The Skirt Outlet site find might be just the right vendor for my next one.
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Response by poster: Good lord.

Etsy grumblings: THREE MONTHS to the day after placing my etsy order I still have no skirt. After many back and forths with the seller and listening to their problems with: sourcing materials/skirt length measurements/their personal health issues/tech connectivity/etc I finally asked please to just refund me. I received no response from the seller so went through etsy for the refund, with their whole 2 week resolution waiting period during which I continued to receive no response from the seller, until today when she said she'd mail me a skirt in the wrong size and I could return it for a full refund if it didn't work out. It appears that message was sent concurrently with the etsy powers-that-be auto-refunding me. Then after that I got a somewhat nasty message from the seller asking if I was the one who opened the dispute because etsy just shut down her shop. Ugh.

So anyway, the search for The Skirt continues :(
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