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My small company is growing and ready to hire an officer manager. I’m lost when it comes to knowing where to post this job. Please help! Location: USA> California> Los Angeles

The company is growing to 25 employees and beyond and it’s time to bring on a dedicated Office Manager. In the past I’ve posted on industry websites for our creative and technical roles, but as the Officer Manager role isn’t industry-specific, I’d like to go broader with the posting. What are the bigger and more respected job websites these days?

The only site I can think of is and posting on the job boards of local universities (for the alumni, not the current students). Otherwise, I’m aware of but suspect that site is past its prime. I wouldn’t post on Craig’s List, either, as that’s going a bit too broad, and honestly feels a bit sketchy.

If you’ve had recent success with hiring, or getting hired, I’d like to hear about the most promising and effective modern job search sites you used. Conversely, if you had bad experiences with any sites, I’d like to hear about which sites to avoid, too. Other advice for broadening my candidate pool (perhaps local social media groups I should be posting to?) are also welcome.

Many thanks in advance!
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Get someone on a temp-to-perm basis from a temp/staffing agency in your area. If it doesn't work out, no harm no foul, and if it's a good match make them a great offer and keep them!

My current and last jobs both got me (office manager) temp to perm and I am fucking awesome.
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Have you written the job description? That will help you clarify what you need, which will help you write a more effective ad. Post the position in your office; current staff may know a good candidate.
posted by theora55 at 7:51 PM on September 18, 2017 is pretty popular at this point.
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If your business has a Page, Facebook has a Jobs tool now that I've heard okay things about. LinkedIn is also definitely a contender, and Glassdoor also has job search tools. I might also check around and see if there are any southern California or Los Angeles-specific job search sites--those can be really effective as well.

Not sure what your budget is for this, but a lot of podcasts I listen to have plugged ZipRecruiter as an option. You give them your job description, and they post it for you on all of the relevant job sites. I don't know how much it costs, but you could probably get a promo code from the Sawbones podcast.
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LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and possibly The Muse. Craigslist and Monster are pretty much out.
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We have a Jobs subsite too.
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