ID this old comic
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Single issue (I think? Yet it seemed like a full story?) I read in the late 80s. It belonged to my big brother and was kinda over my head. Theme was nuclear holocaust. It was not realist. Art style was simple and uncluttered. Bright colors and clear lines. Not a lot of dialog or words. I remember the image of the sky looking like the old Tide logo. That's all I remember.
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The Strontium Dog logo (an 80s post-nuclear-holocaust comic) has a similar yellow-to-red gradient as your Tide logo background.
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The One? It sure was weird.
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OMG yes that is it!! Now to find a copy and Google the back story.
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It is coming out as a reprint from IDW in 2018, according to a site I found looking for that image.
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Cover gallery! issues one thru six, by golly!
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