Your best resources and advice for Sims 4 please
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What are the best websites for user generated content and walkthroughs for Sims 4? Any personal gameplay challenges you've dreamed up or fun things to do that you have discovered?

So far the only expansion packs I have are Vampires and Get to Work so I'm interested to hear your opinions on which ones are worth it. (Cats & Dogs is a shoe in on release!)
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I think the legacy challenge has been the go-to challenge for the Sims. I love making legacy families, although I tend to give myself a tiny handicap when starting out because I don't get to play often.

If you like kids/families, the Parenthood pack really adds a lot of depth to adult/child relationships and child growth.

For general questions I usually have some page on Carl's Sims 4 Strategy Guide open on my phone or in the background while I play. It has tips or answers to every single question I've ever had about the core game + expansions.

As far as building houses goes, videos aren't really my cup of tea, but if you're ok with them then there are a lot of good videos on YouTube. The buider's bible is one, and searching for speed builds will bring up a ton of others.
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My darling, search google for the term Simblr, and the world of TS4 CC shall be thine
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