How do you add special effects to a video?
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Hi, I have the IMovie app and it works nice to piece together video clips to make a larger video. It does slow motion and has some sound effects, but I want to have more visual effects. I'm looking for fast motion and fun things, like maybe twinkling stars or pretty much anything. Do you know how I can add those to IMovie? Or would I have to get a completely different video app. Hopefully I can just get an app that will allow me to add on to the IMovie app. Thanks in advance!
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Search for "IMovie plugins". Seems like there are a bunch.
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On computer:

Here's what I use for video projects that require little bursts or pops or swoops or swooshes--they are pre-animated files with Alpha transparency, so you drag and drop them onto a layer that is on top of your other video timeline and place them appropriately.

They'll come white, and you would use a color-changing effect like "Colorize" or "Color-correction" on the clip to add color. Make sure you're downloading video files if you decide to look for other "Animated Elements", and not After Effects Project those require expertise in After Effects (and the software....) Apple offers "Motion", which is a video animation software. It can be a good start into the basics of animation, and it is relatively cheap $70 vs. Adobe's After Effects ($$$).

On phone/iPad? Don't know, sorry!
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iMovie for iPad doesn't support plugins but there are a number of special fx and compositing apps out there. They tend to be a bit more simplistic than using something like After Effects and tend to be geared for very specific outcomes with little customization. Some possibilities:

Epic Flare / Epic Witch
VFX Studio
Action Movie (has some Big Hollywood partnerships for Staw Wars/Star Trek branded fx)
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Final Cut Pro has already a bunch of effects included and you can find lots of addons for it as well. It's a bit expensive but well worth the investment if you'll be creating videos on a regular basis.
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